Stay ahead of your toll payments for your fleet.

Stay ahead of the tolls in your car-sharing business with Uproad - and say goodbye to surprise late fees, violations, and managing reimbursement with renters. Uproad helps you pay and track tolls for your whole fleet country-wide and frees up your time to grow the business.

Track, pay, and breeze through tolls with Uproad while ridesharing.


Toll Payment Management tracking for your whole fleet
Pay and manage tolls for 10 vehicles. Cheap commercial account for an unlimited number of vehicles
Happy renters
Your renters will not have to worry about paying tolls on the way and can skip the cash lanes. More time to enjoy the ride!
Country-wide coverage
Uproad covers 95% of the US tolls. Check out our coverage
Sort through tolls and cars with convenient filters while doing the tolls reimbursement. When you need it.
Avoid financial leakage
Easily attribute tolls with the renting customers
Pay as you go or keep a prepaid low account balance No more bills in the mail, no more toll violations, and no more toll late fees
Influence Uproad product roadmap
We are willing to listen and build what you need for your Turo business

With Uproad, you can say goodbye to:

  • Surprise fines and violations
  • Waiting in line at cash toll booths
  • Bills in the mail
  • Confusing rates
  • High account balance minimums
  • Managing numerous toll pay accounts

98% of our users who earn with ridesharing confirmed Uproad gives them peace of mind and saves time, so they can make more cash instead.

Pricing plans



  • Credit card
  • Real-time alerts uncovering those pesky hidden toll fees
  • Toll discounts where possible
  • Pay as you go
  • Up to 10 vehicles, no extra charge
  • Convenient reporting: business and personal
  • Help with toll agency violations
  • 15.9% transaction fee / toll


As low as $4.99/mo

  • Credit/debit card, PayPal, or Venmo
  • Real-time alerts uncovering those pesky hidden toll fees
  • In-app support chat
  • Up to 10 vehicles
  • Convenient reporting: business and personal
  • Help with toll agency violations and reimbursement from Uber/Lyft
  • 4.9% transaction fee / toll

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