Norfolk Jordan Bridge (South)

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  • Uproad
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  • Transponder
Drivers without valid payment methods get mailed bills or violations and pay higher toll rates.
Toll pricing
  • Varies w/traffic volume
  • Consistent
  • Higher at peak hours
Rules of the (toll) road
  • Express toll lanes
  • High-occupancy toll lane

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PLEASE NOTE: Many toll roads have discontinued cash payments. If you must travel regularly, download the Uproad app, and by the next day, you'll pay tolls with your phone. Stay safe.

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Additional Information

PLEASE NOTE: Many toll roads have discontinued cash payments. If you must travel regularly, download the Uproad app, and by the next day, you'll pay tolls with your phone. Stay safe.

The Details

The famous Jordan Bridge, located in South Norfolk, was a worthy solution for travel across the south side of the Elizabeth River. Harrington, Howard & Ash of Kansas City was hired to design the drawbridge with funding from Carl M. Jordan (owner of the Jordan Brothers Lumber Co.). It was named Norfolk-Portsmouth at the time of its opening in 1928, and only many years later was it renamed in honor of its patron. The Jordan Bridge has a total length of 500 feet and a height of 145 feet.

Current times

The bridge has always been in high demand among drivers, but in recent years it has become even more popular, especially in the morning hours. Nearby is the Norfolk Navy Yard, which welcomes thousands of employees each day who cross the bridge from Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and Chesapeake.

Other key features of the bridge include:

  1. Backup route. It is actively used as a Plan B for evacuations, road closures, and accidents. For example, in 2003, when Hurricane Isabel was raging, it became a replacement for the flooded Midtown Tunnel. At the same time, the passage became free for the time being.
  2. The oldest drawbridge. It earned this title directly in Virginia. At the end of 2012, a complete reconstruction was completed, which strengthened every node and also allowed to get rid of weight restrictions, traffic delays and to install a system for electronic toll collection.
  3. Concurrent traffic. While the bridge was formerly state-owned, it has now been taken over by a private owner, who insisted that it be completely rebuilt. The fixed concrete structure and innovative technical solutions made it possible to provide simultaneous water, rail, and road traffic.

During maintenance and administration, South Norfolk received a renovated and expanded Elizabeth River Park, as well as a number of other historic artifacts to be displayed in the park in the near future.

As of today, passage over the Jordan Bridge remains toll-free. After repairs, a tiered toll structure has been established for the round-trip toll. The cost depends on the class of the vehicle, as well as the time of the passage. Several payment options are offered, and there is a free pedestrian walkway.

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