Oakland Bay Bridge

In California, you can pay for any tolls you drove through in the past 3 days. In all other states, you can use Uproad to pay for future tolls once your vehicle is active.
Uproad does not support toll payment for rental cars in CA.
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Payment options
  • Uproad
  • Cash
  • Transponder
Drivers without valid payment methods get mailed bills or violations and pay higher toll rates.
Toll pricing
  • Varies w/traffic volume
  • Consistent
  • Higher at peak hours
Rules of the (toll) road
  • Express toll lanes
  • High-occupancy toll lane

Additional Information

PLEASE NOTE: Many toll roads have discontinued cash payments. If you must travel regularly, download the Uproad app, and by the next day, you'll pay tolls with your phone. Stay safe.

RegionSan Francisco Bay Area
Toll agencyBATA

Bay Area Transportation Authority Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Supported transpondersFasTrak
Lane IDs1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
Time ZonePST

Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Uproad is a mobile tolling app that tracks and pays your tolls so you can get where you’re going without a bump in theroad. Check out how Uproad works.

Additional Information

PLEASE NOTE: Many toll roads have discontinued cash payments. If you must travel regularly, download the Uproad app, and by the next day, you'll pay tolls with your phone. Stay safe.

Avarage cost for the road San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge

Note: actual costs may vary based on the trip length.

Toll cost with transponder 6.33 rate
Toll cost with transponder 6 rate

The Details

The Oakland Bay Bridge is a multi-level complex that crosses San Francisco Bay. Not only is it the longest in the United States, but it also carries more than 260,000 vehicles daily in several directions.

Creation history

The advent of the Oakland Bay Bridge would not have been possible without the famous "gold rush" that gripped California in the early 20th century. Despite the obvious need, construction did not begin until the early 1930s, designed by Charles H. Purcell. The official opening took place in 1936.

Initially, the lower part was for commuter and freight traffic, while the upper part was used for automobile traffic. The key point was the railroad connection, which was located at the bottom, but after the closure of the branch line, both parts of the bridge were given for common use.

Bridge features

Structurally, the Oakland Bay Bridge consists of two crossings as well as a natural overhang in the city limits. The spans are connected to each other by an anchorage. There are several main features of the bridge:

  • The complex can be divided into two main spans: western and eastern;
  • The first is 10,300 feet long and the second is 10175 feet long (a total length of about 4.45 miles, not including the approaches on each side);
  • The western branch of the bridge has five lanes of traffic, while the eastern branch has ten lanes;
  • The design is represented by a modern version with a reinforced concrete viaduct and hanging spans with anchoring.
  • Allowable load per day - 500 thousand vehicles;
  • The maximum height is 526 feet.

There are two separate lanes for buses, but they can also be used by the car during peak hours. The bridge has a modern parking lot 580 meters long with meters to make payment. At the end of the east wing, there are three access highways. Pedestrians and bicyclists are not allowed on the west side of the bridge because of the danger of the route. A design for pedestrian walkways is in progress.

Payments in all directions are made through the electronic system or by sending the appropriate bills using the license plate reader method. Between Yerba Buena Island and San Francisco, travel remains free for now due to the lack of toll booths.

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