Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge

Payment options
  • Uproad
  • Cash
  • Transponder
Drivers without valid payment methods get mailed bills or violations and pay higher toll rates.
Toll pricing
  • Varies w/traffic volume
  • Consistent
  • Higher at peak hours
Rules of the (toll) road
  • Express toll lanes
  • High-occupancy toll lane

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PLEASE NOTE: Many toll roads have discontinued cash payments. If you must travel regularly, download the Uproad app, and by the next day, you'll pay tolls with your phone. Stay safe.

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Uproad is a mobile tolling app that tracks and pays your tolls so you can get where you’re going without a bump in theroad. Check out how Uproad works.

Additional Information

PLEASE NOTE: Many toll roads have discontinued cash payments. If you must travel regularly, download the Uproad app, and by the next day, you'll pay tolls with your phone. Stay safe.

The Details

Causeway toll

If you are visiting Louisiana, it is likely that you come across some of the state’s toll roads. One of the most relevant ones is the system of two parallel roads called the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge. The bridge crosses Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana. It is 24 miles long and one of its fixed roads is slightly shorter. There is no separation for different types of vehicles.

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge – description

The Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge (also called The Causeway) consists of two bridges that cross Lake Pontchartrain. It connects the northern and southern suburbs of New Orleans, with the northern terminus in Mandeville and the southern terminus in Metairie. Between 1969 and 2011 the bridge was the longest continuous and aggregate (over water) bridge in the world. In 2011, when Guinness World Records created two different categories for bridges over water (continuous and aggregate lengths over water), the bridge became the longest bridge over water (continuous).

The bridge is available for all types of vehicles: passenger cars, motorcycles, and trucks. Tolls are collected on the North Shore (Mandeville side of the lake) only.

The Causeway toll rates

If you are driving a 2-axle vehicle, you will pay $5.00 for crossing the bridge, assuming that you pay with cash. If you have a valid transponder tag, you will pay $3.00. If you are driving a truck, the toll rate is calculated based on the number of axles your vehicle has, as well as the height of your vehicle. If your vehicle is less than seven feet, the toll rate will be lower for the same number of axles. If you aren’t sure how to calculate the Causeway tolls properly, the easiest and quickest option is to use an online toll calculator. Such a simple tool will help you calculate toll rates and other travel costs, as well as choose the best route to get to the chosen destination.

How to pay the Causeway tolls

There are two ways to pay tolls at the Causeway toll facility. The first one is to buy a ticket for cash. The second option is to use a transponder tag and pay electronically without even having to stop at the toll booth. On Louisiana toll roads and bridges, you can pay tolls using the GEAUXPASS tag. Note that there is no video payment option for any of the state’s toll bridges.

The toll road is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you miss a toll, you can pay the toll online on the Louisiana Department of Transportation website. If you have any questions about the Causeway tolls, you can reach out to one of the Louisiana tolling agencies such as the LA1 Coalition, Greater New Orleans Expressway Commission (Causeway Commission), Avery Island, or GEAUX PAS.


GEAUXPASS is a transponder tag system that enables drivers to pay tolls easily and quickly. It allows toll payments on Louisiana toll roads and bridges. The payment is done directly from the prepaid account that you can replenish automatically.

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I find this app a good way to track my tolls and manage my budget. Works great for this.
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Better than a toll tag, I use one app on both vehicles and will link my wife's car next week. Easy to travel to other states, since you're registered with all toll authorities they cover.
Been going back to the office a little so been driving more. This is great.
Great app, awesome way to pay for tolls... thank you!
This app is so easy to use, and I can travel without having to worry about missing tolls.

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