Anzalduas International Bridge

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PLEASE NOTE: Many toll roads have discontinued cash payments. If you must travel regularly, download the Uproad app, and by the next day, you'll pay tolls with your phone. Stay safe.

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Additional Information

PLEASE NOTE: Many toll roads have discontinued cash payments. If you must travel regularly, download the Uproad app, and by the next day, you'll pay tolls with your phone. Stay safe.

The Details

Anzalduas International Bridge is a bridge that connects the Rio Grande and the western outskirts of Mission, Texas in the United States, and Reynosa, Tamaulipas in Mexico. The Anzalduas International Bridge provides the possibility of movement in the southern and northern directions. There are separate crossings for pedestrians and cyclists.

The construction was carried out by William Brothers Construction. It is worth noting that Anzalduas International Bridge provides cross-border travel on two lanes.

Anzalduas International Bridge specifications

The foundation of the bridge was laid on July 12, 2007. The bridge was opened for business two years after the foundation of Anzalduas International Bridge was completed on 15 December. The total cost of construction work amounted to $28.4 million.

Technical parameters:

  • The Anzalduas International Bridge has four entrance lanes along with SENTRI Lane in the US. The spans of the bridge are 5.1 km long.
  • For added safety, the Anzalduas Bridge is equipped with two fenders and raised lane walkways to preserve the nearby US Fish and Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Anzalduas International Bridge does not operate 24/7 like other US bridges. The Anzalduas Bridge has a working schedule from 6 am to 10 pm daily. During this period, it is open to traffic.

Why is it international?

The thing is that immediately after the opening of the Anzalduas bridge, they also opened a port. It was created to offload traffic from the congested Hidalgo port of entry in Texas. And, oddly enough, Anzalduas International Bridge does an excellent job of accepting tens of thousands of vehicles every day.

At the moment, commercial trucks are not allowed to pass through this entrance. However, empty trucks can head to Mexico using the southbound route. The Anzalduas International Bridge also has a dedicated suburban SENTRI lane, but it works with interruptions. It is accessed when traffic is heavily congested.

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