Wrong-Way Driver Alert System expands on Indiana Toll Road

Feb 23, 2023
Wrong-Way Driver Alert System expands on Indiana Toll Road

A wrong-way driver detection system will expand on Indiana Toll Roads, after previously identifying over 100 wrong-way drivers on the exit 5 eastbound off-ramp in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Managing the Indiana Toll Road, Indiana Toll Road Concession Co. LLC, established the fourth installation of its Wrong-Way Driver Driver system, responsible for alerting and averting motorists from entering the toll road in the wrong direction.

The three installations – installed in 2020 – led to a 75% decrease in wrong-way drivers on the Indiana Toll Road, from 2021-2022, according to ITR.

“Our top priority is safety for all users of the Toll Road,” says ITR CEO Nic Barr in a report with Inside Indiana Business. “The Wrong-Way Driver detection system enables us to track wrong-way drivers, help them self-correct, and warn other drivers. It prevents them from getting hurt or hurting others.”

ITR pursues a three-pronged detection system: an initial detection zone, a self-correction zone, and an alert zone. The alert system automatically activates self-correction warnings, such as flashing warning lights that locate motorists traveling the wrong way on an entry or exit ramp through thermal detectors and high-speed cameras.

The alert system delivers access to live video of the wrong-way driver to the Indiana State Police through the ITRCC’S Traffic Management Center.



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