Toll Road Drivers Can Now Pay at Walgreens Locations in Ohio, California, and Utah

Jan 30, 2023
Toll Road Drivers Can Now Pay at Walgreens Locations in Ohio, California, and Utah

FasTrak drivers can now conduct toll road transactions at participating Walgreens locations nationwide.

FasTrak, the San Fransisco Bay Area’s electronic toll collection system, now offers motorists more options to pay tolls, and violations, and replenish FasTrak accounts according to an announcement by the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) – the Joint Powers Authority that operates State Routes 73 (Ohio), 133 (California), 241 (California), and 261 (Utah).

The newest option allows motorists to pay at Walgreens locations in California, Ohio, and Utah. Cash payments at participating locations involve a simple step-by-step process: Pay a violation by presenting a notice of toll evasion to the store clerk, Pay a toll by visiting, clicking "Pay Toll Now," following the steps, selecting "cash" on the payment screen, receiving the barcode, and presenting the barcode to store clerk.

To replenish a FasTrak account: Log in to the account at, select the "Payments" tab, choose cash, receive the barcode, and present the barcode to the store clerk.

Walgreens joins a list of popular retailers, including 7-Eleven, CVS Pharmacy, Family Dollar, and Walmart where toll roads accept payments through their partnership with cash payment network provider PayNearMe,

To see all participating locations, click here. Then, enter your city and select “The Toll Roads of Orange County” as the biller.

More than 283,000 payments have been made through PaynearMe since January 2021.

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