The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority has converted to cashless tolling

Mar 07, 2023
The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority has converted to cashless tolling

The US-412/Cherokee Turnpike converted to PlatePay, which is a completely cashless tolling system, on Feb. 9, according to the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.

Motorists can drive completely cashless on the four-lane tollway totaling 32 miles east of Kansas, Oklahoma to the east of Chouteau.

Work crews plan to deconstruct old toll equipment over the forthcoming weeks which will incite intermittent lane closures.

PlatePay delivers a seamless flow of traffic and prevents sudden speed changes from maneuvering motorists. PlatePay cameras capture a license plate and deliver an invoice to the vehicle's registered owner. PikePass Drivers benefit from lower toll rates, while invoices will be delivered by mail for Drivers devoid of a PikePass.

Motorists utilizing the PlusPass app will save 25% compared with PlatePay customers. The app allows motorists to purchase tolls via credit card, PayPal, or cash on the Cherokee Turnpike.

The Cherokee Turnpike joins the seven Oklahoma toll roads, including John Kilpatrick, Kickapoo, H.E. Bailey, Chickasaw, Gilcrease, Cimarron, and Creek turnpikes to deliver cashless tolling. The state’s remaining four turnpikes plan to transition to completely cashless tolling by end of 2024, according to the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.

Visit or call 1-800-PIKEPASS to open a PIKEPASS account.



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