Solo drivers of CAVs pay higher tolls on I-580 and I-680 Sunol express lanes

Jul 06, 2023
Solo drivers of CAVs pay higher tolls on I-580 and I-680 Sunol express lanes

Drivers of clean-air vehicles will now pay a toll on the I-580 and I-680 Sunol express lanes if they are the sole occupants.

Beginning March 31, 2023, a new policy goes into effect stating any clean air vehicle – those with a light green, yellow, blue or orange decal – must have a FasTrac toll tag indicating the number of occupants and will pay a toll based on that number.

Solo drivers with a FasTrac CAV toll tag will receive a 50% discount off the posted toll. Vehicles with the FasTrac CAV tags and more than one occupant still pay no toll charges when using the express lanes.

The discount only applies to FasTrac CAV toll tags; solo drivers with a FasTrac Flex tag will pay the full posted toll amount.

The new rule means that all Bay Area Express Lanes are charging the same amount for solo travelers in CAVs. Before, drivers of CAVs with any number of occupants paid no tolls on the I-580 and I-680 Sunol express lanes. All clean-air vehicle drivers wanting discounted or free tolls in the Bay Area Express Lanes must have a FasTrac CAV toll tag, which is available on the FasTrac website at

The I-580 Express Lanes run eastbound from Hacienda Drive in Pleasanton to Greenville Road in Livermore, and westbound from Greenville Road in Livermore to San Ramon Road/Foothill Road in Dublin. The I-680 Sunol Express Lanes run northbound from north of Mission Boulevard/State Route (SR) 262 to SR-84/Vallecitos Road, and southbound between SR-84/Calaveras Road and SR-237/Calaveras Boulevard.



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