PayTollo app deactivates accounts, stops service

Jun 19, 2023
PayTollo app deactivates accounts, stops service

The PayTollo app ceased operations and deactivated user accounts, ending a 7-year business that began when the company launched the app specifically to aid Florida tourists needing a toll payment solution.

PayTollo was a toll payment app that offers a streamlined solution for drivers to pay tolls electronically. With PayTollo, users were able to manage their toll payments through a mobile application, eliminating the need for cash or physical toll tags. The app allowed drivers to conveniently track, calculate, and pay tolls in real-time using their smartphones. PayTollo aims to provide a convenient and efficient toll payment experience, simplifying the process for drivers on toll roads and bridges.

At its height, PayTollo offered coverage for toll roads in 19 states: Florida, California, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Virginia and parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

What do Paytollo customers do now?

In its communications, Paytollo advised its customers to register vehicles with tolling authorities near them. Customers also have the option to continue to use mobile toll payment applications to process their toll payments. To do this, they need to register their vehicle with another toll payment app, such as Uproad.



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