No more stopping to pay on Dulles Toll Road

Jul 12, 2023
No more stopping to pay on Dulles Toll Road

Dulles Toll Road has transitioned to all-electronic tolling, eliminating the need for motorists to stop at toll booths or carry cash.

Beginning March 1, 2023, all motorists can pay for tolls either through the EZ Pass system or Pay-By-Plate, with EZ Pass drivers paying a discounted toll rate. Pay by Plate motorists are identified by their license plates and receive an invoice at the address registered to the plate.

Two-axle vehicles with EZ Pass pay $4 at main plazas and $2 at ramps, while Pay By Plate drivers pay $5.60 at main plazas and $3.60 at ramps. The extra $1.60 for Pay By Mail is an administrative fee set by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority board of directors to cover the costs of preparing and processing invoices and will be reviewed annually.

The toll authority implemented the electronic and cashless tolling system to help speed traffic flow. An added benefit is the reduction of environmental emissions created by vehicles waiting at toll booths.

In addition to the EZ Pass and Pay By Plate, motorists can use private party toll apps, including GoToll, Slora, Uproad, and NextPass. Private-party apps may charge extra fees in addition to toll payments.

MWAA has deactivated all coin baskets and is working on plans to remove the remaining toll booths and coin machines on Dulles Toll Road.



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