Dallas-Fort Worth Toll roads to increase rates July 1

Jun 12, 2023
Dallas-Fort Worth Toll roads to increase rates July 1

Beginning July 1, the North Texas Toll Authority will increase its rates for TollTag customers by a penny, but motorists who pay by mail will see their bills double.

On average, TollTag customers will pay an average increase of 20 cents per mile to 21 cents. Based on current usage trends, motorists should expect to spend $5.60 more per month, according to a news release from the toll authority.

For drivers without a TollTag account, the rate increase will be steeper. Pay-by-mail rates, also known as ZipCash, will pay double the TollTag rate. Previously, the ZipCash rate was 50 percent higher than TollTag rates.

The increases go toward paying down the $9.5 billion borrowed to build toll roads, and fund future projects, including the expansion of the Dallas North Tollway. Roads maintained by the toll authority do not receive tax dollars and must self-fund the costs of building, operating, and maintaining the roads.

Drivers on NTTA roads can also use TxTag transponders, or create an account with Uproad, an all-in-one toll management app. With Uproad, drivers can add up to 10 vehicles and pay for 95 percent of the toll roads in the U.S.



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