With Uproad, you'll enjoy


Install, set up your account, and go! Get activated immediately in New York.


Pay as you go or keep a prepaid low account balance. No more bills in the mail, no more toll violations and no more toll late fees.

Payment options

Credit, debit, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay or Google Pay? You choose.

Rental car use

You can use Uproad to pay for rental car tolls in New York.

How it works


Select a toll payment plan

Pay tolls as you go with the Basic plan or save on toll transaction fees with a monthly Pro plan subscription. The first month of Pro is FREE!


Link a payment method

Based on the payment plan you choose, we accept:

- Credit & Debit Card
- PayPal
- Venmo
-Google Pay & Apple Pay


Tell us what you're driving

You can add up to ten, 2-axle passenger vehicles to your account if you’re into sharing the wealth.


Enable Toll Alert℠ and hit the road

You can finally see how much tolls cost as you drive through them. Enable Toll Alert and never be in the dark again.


Experience open road freedom with the Uproad app. With multi-state toll road payment coverage under one account, you'll soon move across the U.S. with total tolling clarity.

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