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Tell me more about this app that pays tolls

First things first

And we can’t stress the importance of this step enough. You'll need to download the Uproad app. Then, check out which states we cover.

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Tell us what you’re driving.

You can add up to ten, 2-axle passenger vehicles to your account if you’re into sharing the wealth.


We’ve got payment options. Pick one, or link all three.

Credit/Debit Card
You know the drill. Give us the digits, then use your bank account to pay.

That’s right. We accept digital payment channels too.

Venmo funds collecting dust? Transfer them to your toll fund.


Add funds to fuel your rides. After that, it’s smooth sailing.

Manual Pay

Add funds to your account as you need them.

Auto Pay

Prefer going on auto-pilot? Set up your account to automatically draft funds.

As you drive, we'll send alerts to uncover those pesky hidden toll fees and let you know how much you'll save with Uproad.

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What if I already have a transponder?

You can officially part ways

Uproad goes where no transponder has before. Enjoy the ability to anticipate toll charges with our Trip Calculator and track toll charges as you go with our Toll Alerts. At payment time, you can use a credit card, PayPal or Venmo, mark expenses as business or personal, and download spending reports. All this, and you can also ditch the clunky hardware!

Or you can always pair the two

If you aren't ready to part with your transponder—or can't because some toll roads require one—you can pair the two. Inside your transponder territory, use Uproad to track toll charges and anticipate approximate costs. Outside the area, Uproad then becomes your primary payment provider allowing you to leverage the app's digital payment options, avoid toll violation notices and sometimes even save on toll prices.

You're ready to hit the road

Toll price transparency (finally!)

With our Toll Alerts, the cost will pop up on your phone as you pass a toll. Know as you go!

Discounts where available

Uproad negotiates rates with toll agencies and, when we get savings, we pass them on to you.

Track usage and expenses

Budget out your travel and track with total clarity how much you’re spending on the road, all from your phone.

Save time on every trip

Skip the cash lane, opt for the fast lane. Get where you’re going without a single bump in the road. (Disclaimer: we can’t control pot holes.)

Avoid fines and late penalties

Feel free to check your mailbox without fear of finding unexpected toll bills. Pay on-the-go with Uproad to avoid fines. And if, for some reason, you do get an invoice in our coverage area, we'll work directly with the agency to resolve the issue.

Calculate toll costs before you travel

Our Trip Calculator helps you find the least expensive or fastest route to your destination.

Leverage our network of toll agencies

We’re here to simplify, not complicate. We’ve partnered with existing toll agencies to make travel as simple and efficient as possible.

On-the-go driver support

Get in touch with our team at the touch of a button. Or several buttons, if you’d prefer to call.

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Uproad App
Uproad App

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We thought you might be. Download the app today and get your happy dance ready, stress-free toll payment awaits!

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