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First things first

And we can’t stress the importance of this enough. If you frequently drive toll roads, want to skip the cash lanes but keep the convenience of paying toll charges on the go, then download the Uproad app.

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Select a toll payment plan

Save on transaction fees with a Pro plan, or for a bit more, charge tolls to your payment method as you go.

Save money


We’ve got payment options. Pick one, or link all three.

Based on the payment plan you choose, we accept:

Credit & Debit Card

You know the drill. Give us the digits, then use your bank account to pay.

That’s right. We accept digital payment channels too.

Venmo funds collecting dust? Transfer them to your toll fund.


Tell us what you’re driving

You can add up to ten, 2-axle passenger vehicles to your account if you’re into sharing the wealth.

Tell us what you driving
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You're ready to hit the road

A toll payment app for drivers

Take on toll roads with confidence. Easily pay tolls on your app.

Toll price transparency

With our Toll Alert℠ feature, the cost will pop up on your phone as you pass a toll. Know as you go!

Lots of payment options

Credit, debit, PayPal, or Venmo. Select what suits you best and pay as you go.

Track expenses

Budget out your travel and track how much you’re spending on the road, all from your phone.

Save time on every trip

Skip the cash lanes and get where you’re going without a single bump in the road.

Avoid fines and late penalties

Check your mailbox without fear of finding unexpected toll bills.

Calculate costs before you travel

Our Trip Calculator helps you find the least expensive or fastest route to your destination.

On-the-go driver support

Get in touch with our team at the touch of a button.

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Landing ready
Sign up to Uproad and save your time
Start paying tolls with Uproad and save time

Ready to put Uproad to the test?

We thought you might be. Download the app today and get your happy dance ready. Stress-free toll payment awaits!

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