What should I do if I see a toll charge or Toll Alert on my account that isn't mine?

How to dispute inaccurate toll charges

If you receive an inaccurate toll charge on your account, we can help you dispute the charges.

Your transaction history is displayed on the home screen in the Uproad app. Swipe left or tap on the toll transaction you believe is inaccurate. This will take you to a detailed view of this transaction. Select “Dispute” on this screen and provide further information to help our team investigate the issue.

How to dispute inaccurate toll alerts

If you have Toll Alert "ON" and the app detects that you've passed a toll point, you'll see it on your account history.

Sometimes you'll incorrectly get a Toll Alert if you just came close to (but didn't go through) a toll point or you were in another vehicle. When this happens, you won't be charged. You will only be charged if the toll agency confirms that your Uproad vehicle passed through the toll point.

The Toll Alert will eventually drop off your account without a charge. If you want to remove it from your toll history, swipe left or tap it to view details. Select "Not my toll," and choose a reason. Please note: if the toll agency determines you were responsible, the confirmed paid transaction will eventually post to your account, affecting your balance. To avoid potential late charges, only remove a Toll Alert if you are sure your vehicle didn't pass a toll.

If you don't immediately see your toll activity while driving, check your settings to ensure you have Toll Alert "ON"

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