What is Uproad's Toll Agency Violation Protection?

Agencies make mistakes sometimes, and we're here to protect you. Uproad is proud to offer Violation Protection to our Uproad customers.
This protects you from toll agency violations if you receive one while you have an active Uproad account with a current payment method on file.
If you receive a toll violation notice, just contact us - we'll resolve it for you. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Violation protection covers only vehicles registered with your Uproad account at the time of the violation. Make sure there are no errors in your vehicle information when you register a car. Since many tolling agencies match your license plate with your payment method, it's essential to keep your correct license plate information updated with Uproad.
  • Violation protection does not apply if you drive in a cash lane.
  • Violation protection applies to the Uproad coverage area.
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