What is a transponder from Uproad?

California state laws require vehicles to have a transponder on the vehicle to travel on certain toll roads, specifically for toll expressways in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. Uproad provides transponders for users who drive on these roads.

What is a transponder? Is it the same thing as a FasTrak?

A transponder is a plastic device that attaches to your vehicle’s windshield. Each transponder has a barcode printed on it. Cameras on the toll roads scan the barcode to register when a vehicle passes a tolling location. Then, the tolling agency charges the associated account.

The California Toll Operators Committee issues FasTrak transponders, which work only on California toll roads. Uproad’s transponders also work with California toll roads.

What if I don’t have a transponder?

Vehicles that pass through a tolling location that requires transponders without one on their vehicle will be issued a fine.

Do I need a transponder if I use Uproad?

You will still need a transponder to travel on certain California toll roads, even if you have an active Uproad account. Uproad can provide a transponder to you when you register your vehicle with your Uproad account.

Which roads do I need a transponder to drive on?

According to California state law the following roads require a toll tag to travel:

  • Los Angeles:
  • I-10 Express lanes
  • I-110 Express lanes
  • SR-9 Express lanes

San Diego:

  • I-15 & SR-125

All other toll roads in California are covered by Uproad. These do not require a toll tag.

Los Angeles/ Orange County:

San Francisco Bay area:

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