What is a Toll Alert? Where and when will I see one?

Uproad’s Toll Alert feature allows you to receive a notification when you pass a tolling location and track expected tolling fees. You must activate this feature to receive the alerts.

If you want to receive toll alerts, you must activate them on your Apple device or Android device. Make sure that when enabling Toll Alert, you grant permissions for all phone setting changes when prompted.

Here’s what to expect once your Toll Alert is enabled:

  • As you pass a toll point on the road, you’ll receive a phone notification with the estimated cost. This notification will remain in the ‘Toll Alert’ tab to keep you informed of potential charges.

  • The Toll Alert and pending charge won't reduce your account balance until the toll agency confirms that your vehicle is responsible for the transaction.

  • Upon confirmation, the approved toll amount will be deducted from your account balance (if you are on the Pro plan) or directly from your payment method (if you’re on a Pay-as-you-go plan).

  • Sometimes the toll agency won't be able to tie the charge to your vehicle. For example, if you have Toll Alerts on, but you are a passenger in another car. In this case, your phone will detect that you passed a tolling station even though it was not with a vehicle registered with Uproad. In this case, the alert will eventually drop from your account, leaving your balance unaffected.

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