What happens if I add a vehicle that is on a toll agency account (e.g., FasTrak, E-Zpass, Sunpass, etc.) to Uproad?

If your vehicle is already connected to a toll agency account, you can still add it to your Uproad account. Doing this has a few benefits.

  • Uproad can likely provide coverage in areas where your toll agency cannot. Most toll tags and transponders only work in certain metropolitan areas or states. With Uproad, you can still use your toll tag to pay when on roads operated by your primary agency. However, when you travel elsewhere, you will have coverage on all of Uproad’s covered toll roads.
  • Uproad can act as payment backup if you forget to fund your toll agency account. Once you set up your toll agency account, you may not think about it again. But if you switch bank accounts or the credit card you used expired, you could face fines from the toll agency for relying on your account. Uproad can serve as a backup method so that you avoid these fines.

  • If you forget your transponder and are in our coverage area, your Uproad account acts as a backup. If you misplace or forget your transponer, Uproad can serve as another method to ensure you avoid fines from tolling agencies.

If you want to use Uproad exclusively to pay tolls, you'll need to remove your vehicle from your toll agency account and remove any transponder or toll tag from your vehicle's windshield.

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