What does "Payment in progress" mean on a Toll Alert?

Uproad’s Toll Alert feature allows you to track expected toll fees as you drive, before the fee is deducted from your account. When you have the Toll Alert enabled, each tolling station you pass will be displayed on your dashboard.

When this happens, the Toll Alert will display a status that says "Payment in progress.”

This indicates that you passed a tolling station, but that your account has not been charged yet. At this point, it is just our estimate of your final toll cost.

Within a few days, the toll agency will confirm your toll activity then send the toll bill to your Uproad account for payment. Once this occurs, the toll will show as "Paid.”

Occasionally, you may see “Payment in progress” if you passed near, but did not go through, a tolling station or if you were a passenger in a vehicle not registered with Uproad. In these cases, the Toll Alert will expire without charging your account.

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