I have a toll agency account and transponder/tag on my vehicle (e.g., FasTrak, E-ZPass, Sunpass, etc). Can I use Uproad?

The Uproad mobile phone app is a modern toll payment solution offering you more features and transparency than a traditional toll agency account. If you want to use Uproad exclusively to pay tolls, you'll need to remove your vehicle from your toll agency account. You'll also need to remove any transponder or toll tag from your vehicle's windshield—you can finally free up that space and use your phone to pay tolls instead!
If you aren’t ready to part with your transponder, or can’t because some toll roads require a transponder, you can pair the two. Inside your transponder territory, you'll enjoy the ability to immediately track toll charges and anticipate approximate costs with Uproad. Outside that territory, you'll enjoy all these benefits plus Uproad becomes your primary payment provider allowing you to also leverage our digital payment options to avoid toll violation notices.

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