How do I turn on Toll Alert on Android?

To track your toll activity as you drive, you'll need to tap the "Turn on Toll Alert" button on your app dashboard and grant all the required permissions when the app prompts you to.

Alternatively, you can grant them manually in your phone Settings:

1. Open your phone Settings
2. Go to the Uproad app location permissions
3. Choose "Allow all the time"

To get a push notification every time you pass a toll, go to the Uproad app, tap on the menu in the top left corner of the screen, tap "Settings," and then "Push Notifications.” Turn on the "Toll Alert" toggle switch.

You might need to manually grant permissions in your phone Settings for notifications as well:

1. Open your phone Settings
2. Go to Apps & notifications
3. Select the Uproad app and tap on "Notifications"
4. Turn on the "Show notifications" toggle

Make sure you turn on the ‘Motion detection’ in Settings to save your phone’s battery life.

You're in! From now on, you'll see a toll alert in your account activity and receive a push notification every time you pass a toll (if you have an internet connection at that time.)
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