How do I transfer my toll agency account (e.g., FasTrak, E-Zpass, Sunpass, etc.) to Uproad?

First, complete your Uproad account setup.

  1. Download the Uproad app from the Apple app store or Google Play.

  1. Set up your account using your email, or use your Google, Apple, or Facebook login credentials.

  1. Add a vehicle to your Uproad account and select which state you plan to drive in primarily. Uproad will work on your behalf to enroll it with toll agencies. Drivers in California and Texas toll roads can enjoy immediate vehicle activation. Drivers in other states will see an estimated vehicle activation time for the added vehicle.

Once your r vehicle shows that it's 'Active,' in the Uproad app, you can remove it from your toll agency account. You will also need to remove any transponder or toll tag from your vehicle. It’s as easy as that! You can finally free up that windshield space and use your phone to pay tolls instead!

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