Do I have outstanding tolls to pay? How much do I owe?

To find out if you have any outstanding toll payments, open the Account History tab in the app. Here you can check toll bills and see the amount you owe. Don’t worry if you don’t see something right away. It can take time for a toll bill to post to your account and toll agencies can sometimes take up to 30 days after your trip to post updates.

You can also keep track of expected toll bills as you drive by turning on Toll Alert in the app. To do this, open the Uproad app, tap “Toll Alert” at the bottom of the screen, and select “Turn on.”

Toll Alert helps you track the tolls you've passed and saves them in your account history as pending toll charges. Once the toll agency posts updates, the charges will be paid automatically using the payment method you have saved in your Wallet.

Check out our toll coverage areas before you drive to ensure that Uproad is available where you need it.

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