All-in-one toll management platform

Meet Uproad Business, the ultimate solution for managing tolls for your entire fleet of vehicles, everywhere you drive. Leave the stress of navigating toll payments behind and get back on track with your business.

How it works


Join Uproad Business

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Add your vehicles

Just upload the list of your vehicles to the platform, and we'll handle the rest.


Forget toll-related stress

We’ve got your tolls covered. No more misread license plates and double billing.

Why Uproad?

Uproad is a modern toll payment solution without the need for multiple toll agency accounts, tags, or transponders for your vehicles. We help companies easily pay tolls, dodge fines, and track expenses.

Eliminate manual work

Use one payment platform

Enjoy toll costs transparency

Avoid violation bills in the mail

Pay monthly fee of $5 per vehicle

Toll Management

The Uproad toll management platform is a software that increases efficiency and predictability in toll costs. Our platform helps lower operational risks and optimizes every aspect of toll payment processes.

Manage any amount of vehicles

Streamline day-to-day operations

Get automated monthly reports

Analyze spending with statistics

API integration

Uproad integrates into your vehicle management and other systems, making for a seamless transition process. Should any bumps in the road occur, our dedicated integration team will be there to assist.

Road coverage

We partner with toll agencies across the US and offer coverage for more than 90% of all toll roads across 20 states, so you can plan your trips with ease.

How Uproad works

Managing toll payments across multiple vehicles and states can be complex. Uproad makes it easy to pay your tolls coast-to-coast, with convenient record keeping in one platform.


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