Wisconsin Toll Roads

Wisconsin is a great place to travel and relax. There are no toll roads in Wisconsin. There are only municipal highways and interstate roads. As for the latter, the toll is charged only if you are in Wisconsin from the side of the state where this road goes.

Highway 39 runs along US-51 in northern Wisconsin. Route 39 runs on the Illinois side along with Hwy 90. It also runs under Stateline Road (Hwy P), allowing you to bypass Beloit heading east.

Just east of Beloit there is an interchange that serves as the last point for westbound WIS 81. The road is terminated with highway l-43, which provides access to the population of Milwaukee.

Route l-39 and l-90 both have three interchanges leading to Beloit. The parallel crossing continues until the roads join WIS 11. This is approximately 7 miles north of l-43. The route bypasses Janesville in the eastern part, but at the same time the US 14, WIS 26 interchanges lead to the city. But there are also four exits that lead from Janesville.

Is it difficult to get the right road? Download the Uproad application, and select the type of car. The app has a wide database — more than 100 maps with roads. Uproad will build the most convenient and economical way. When driving a toll road, the app will automatically calculate and pay the toll.

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Do you have to pay tolls in Wisconsin?

There are no toll roads directly in the state of Wisconsin. This means that you don't have to pay anything for driving on state highways. To travel across the state, you do not need to buy a transponder or worry that you will suddenly miss toll roads - there will be no problems with this in the state of Wisconsin.

Although there are no toll roads in Wisconsin, they are present in other states. When building a travel route, this should be taken into account, as there are toll highways at the entrance and exit in Wisconsin. And while driving, you can forget that you have turned onto a toll road.

Payment for toll roads in other US states is made using the E-ZPass electronic system. The following can be used to pay:

  • cash money;

  • credit cards;

  • debit cards.

Debit cards are accepted as credit cards on some routes. The settlement is carried out with credit funds. There are loyalty programs that reduce the amount of payment fees.


Oct 12, 2022
Serge Lypko

Serge Lypko

BDM and tolling expert

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