What is a turnpike?


The US has many toll roads that exist in 35 states. Most of them use all-electronic toll collection systems as an alternative to paying cash which also eliminates the need to stop at toll booths. The most popular transponder tags are E-ZPass used in the eastern US, California’s FasTrak, Kansas’s K-Tag, Texas’s TxTag, and Florida’s SunPass. Some US toll roads, especially near the East Coast, are often called turnpikes. What is a turnpike, then? How much are turnpike tolls? Let’s explain!

What is a turnpike road?

Simply speaking, a turnpike, or a turnpike road is a road (such as an expressway) for the use of which tolls are collected. In some dictionaries, you will also find the information that a turnpike is a road that was formerly maintained as a turnpike.

The following 15 states don’t have toll roads/turnpike roads:

  • Arizona.

  • Arkansas.

  • Idaho.

  • Connecticut.

  • District of Columbia.

  • Hawaii.

  • Iowa.

  • Mississippi.

  • Montana.

  • Nevada.

  • New Mexico.

  • North Dakota.

  • Tennessee.

  • Wisconsin.

  • Wyoming.

How to pay turnpike tolls?

There are many ways to pay the toll in the US. The most popular, and at the same, the most convenient option, is to use a transponder tag. You can also pay by license plate, or sometimes by cash, credit or debit card, and prepaid card.

Below, you will find the list of toll passes for all states in the USA:

  • Alabama Freedom Pass.

  • AutoExpreso.

  • BreezeBy.

  • E-Pass.

  • E-ZPass.

  • E-ZPass DE.

  • E-ZPass IL.

  • E-ZPass IN.

  • E-ZPass KY.

  • E-ZPass MA.

  • E-ZPass MD.

  • E-ZPass ME.

  • E-ZPass NC.

  • E-ZPass NH.

  • E-ZPass NJ.

  • E-ZPass OH.

  • E-ZPass PA.

  • E-ZPass RI.

  • E-ZPass VA.

  • E-ZPass WV.

  • ExpressToll.

  • EZ TAG.

  • FasTrak.

  • GeauxPass.

  • GO-PASS.

  • Good To Go!

  • I-Pass.

  • K-Tag.

  • Leeway.

  • NationalPass.

  • NC Quick Pass.

  • NexPress tag

  • Palmetto Pass.

  • Peach Pass.

  • PikePass.

  • RiverLink.

  • SunPass.

  • TollTag.

  • TxTag.

How to pay Turnpike tolls using a toll-by-plate invoice?

The toll-by-plate payment option is available in most states. It’s also called a ‘pay-as-you-go’ option – when you pass a toll plaza, the camera captures an image of your license plate. After some time, the registered owner of the vehicle is mailed an invoice. Usually, you should pay the turnpike toll within 30 days, but this period may vary depending on the state.

Can you pay turnpike tolls online?

Yes. It’s possible to pay turnpike tolls online. Depending on whether you have a transponder tag or not, you have two payment options. If you have one of the accepted passes, the procedure is extremely simple. You can set automatic replenishment and link your account with a credit or debit card. Whenever the account balance gets too low, it will be automatically charged. The second option is setting up a short-term account to use your license plate and credit card. Note that you can also use a convenient mobile application that allows motorists to manage all their tolls easily and quickly, directly from their smartphones – Uproad.

The most popular turnpikes in the US

In the United States, you will find many turnpikes. Below, you find a complete list of US turnpikes:

  • Connecticut Turnpike.

  • Delaware Turnpike.

  • Florida’s Turnpike.

  • Homestead Extension of Florida’s Turnpike.

  • Indiana Toll Road often called the Indiana Turnpike.

  • Kansas Turnpike.

  • Kentucky Turnpike.

  • Maine Turnpike.

  • Massachusetts Turnpike.

  • Turnpikes in New Hampshire: Everett Turnpike, Spaulding Turnpike, and Blue Star Turnpike.

  • New Jersey Turnpike.

  • Ohio Turnpike.

  • Turnpikes of Oklahoma.

  • Pennsylvania Turnpike.

  • President George Bush Turnpike.

  • West Virginia Turnpike.

It’s impossible to fully describe them all so let’s focus on the most important turnpikes.

PA Turnpike

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is a 360 miles (580 km) controlled-access highway running across Pennsylvania. It’s part of the Interstate Highway System. It uses an all-electronic tolling system. You can pay tolls using E-ZPass or via the toll-by-plate system.

How much is PA Turnpike toll?

If you want to travel the entire length of the mainline turnpike between Warrendale and Neshaminy Falls by a passenger car, you will pay a toll of $90.90 (toll by plate payment) or $45.00 (E-ZPass transponder tag). As the transponder tag option is much cheaper, approximately 86% of vehicles along the PA Turnpike use E-ZPass for payment of tolls.

Florida’s Turnpike

The Turnpike is maintained by FTE – Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise. It is 309 miles (497 km) long. The mainline was opened in 1964 and the extension was completed in 1974.

How much is the toll on the Florida Turnpike?

Tolls on Florida’s Turnpike are on average 6.7 cents per mile for cars. If you want to travel the entire length except for the Homestead Extension, you will pay $17 with SunPass, and $23 with cash/toll-by-plate options, assuming that you have a passenger car or any other 2-axle vehicle. The toll depends on the number of axles of the vehicle, payment method, and travel distance. The primary payment method on the turnpike is the SunPass electronic toll collection system.

New Jersey Turnpike

New Jersey Turnpike is a system of controlled-access highways in New Jersey. It’s maintained by the NJTA – the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. The turnpike was opened to traffic in 1951. It’s now the nation’s sixth-busiest toll road and one the most heavily traveled highways in the US.

How long is the New Jersey Turnpike?

The turnpike is 117.20 miles (188.62 km) long. Its southern terminus is Interstate 295 and US Route 40 in Pennsville Township in Salem County. The northern terminus is situated at the approach to the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee in Bergen County.

Sep 01, 2023


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