What is a toll road violation?

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When you proceed through a toll booth without making a full payment, this is called a toll violation. In most cases, a red light will display at the booth. There are many sources of toll violations but most of them include nonpayment or underpayment of toll, expired E-ZPass transponder, leaving the toll lane before full payment has been registered by the system, or using a transponder that is not recognized by the system. Violations are recorded by the Vehicle Enforcement System. A violation notice is then issued to the registered owner of the vehicle.

The definition of a toll road violation

A toll violation occurs when you, the user of a lane, don’t comply with the rules governing the use of the toll facilities. If a driver doesn’t have an account and doesn’t pay their tolls within a certain number of days (depending on the state regulations), a violation will be processed. A violation penalty is assessed in addition to the toll, consistent with the current policy for non-payment. For each violation, an owner of a vehicle is responsible for the unpaid tolls and administrative fees.

Some general information about toll violations

Let’s start with explaining some popular examples of toll violations:

  • When you use a toll road (or tunnel / bridge) without a valid transponder.

  • When you enter a toll lane improperly by crossing the double white lines.

  • When you use an express lane with an unregistered vehicle. All vehicles must be registered for an account with transponders placed on the windshields before using the lanes. If you travel by motorcycle, you can place a transponder on lights.

  • When you use the paid road when there are insufficient funds in your account.

  • When you used a deactivated pass.

As you can see, there are several ways to avoid toll violations – you just need to stick with the rules and regulations. First, don’t forget to register for a proper account to get a transponder. You should follow the mounting instructions once the account has been established. For online access, you should sign up to be able to track your transactions, balances, and account status. Don’t forget to check your account regularly to confirm transactions and account status.

How to avoid toll violations

You can avoid toll violations and the need to keep up with multiple accounts by managing it all with the Uproad app. The Uproad app acts like a toll tag from your smartphone. It allows you to manage multiple vehicles, easily update your payment method, and see your entire tolling history.

Toll violation system – how does it work?

When your pass isn’t detected by electronic readers on the lane, a violation enforcement camera takes a time-stamped image of your license plate. When the image is taken, the system cross-checks the plate number against the license plates identified in your account. If the match is found, everything is just fine. If not (no match is found), a violation is processed and sent to the owner of the vehicle. You should bear in mind that there is a penalty for a toll violation. Each toll violation is assessed as a penalty. Depending on the state regulations, the fee may vary. The average administrative fee per violation occurrence is $25. If the toll and administrative fee are not paid, the registered owner of the vehicle may be subject to a civil penalty. If you fail to respond to the first violation notice, a second notice is mailed to you with an additional penalty. Failure to respond to the second notice may result in a DMV hold being put on the vehicle’s registration.

Toll road violation details

Received a toll violation notice? It may somehow happen that you don’t pay. Failure to pay the proper toll on a facility is a violation. In such an event, the registered owner of the vehicle must make prompt payment to the State Road and Tollway Authority for the proper toll and an administrative fee. If the fee isn’t paid, the case can be handed over to a collection agency and/or the Attorney General who will move to obtain an Order against the owner of the vehicle. In some states, it may result in suspension of the vehicle registration. If you received a violation notice and you want to pay the fine, the easiest way is to pay your violation on the Toll Violation website. You can also pay your violation with cash at a participating partner (e.g., 7-Eleven, Walmart, etc.). If you think that the violation fee is unfair, you can also fill out the ‘Contest of Notice’ portion of your ‘Notice of Toll Evasion’.

Missed toll road process

Couldn’t pay a toll while traveling in a toll lane? It’s not the end of the world! There are some steps you should take to make things right. However, the process varies depending on the state. We’ve prepared some handy guidelines for you to conveniently pay for the toll road, no matter the state you travel through. What happens when you miss a toll while traveling through some of the most important states?

  • Alabama – an invoice will be sent to the owner of a vehicle. All instructions on the payment are on the paper.

  • Alaska. There are no cases of missed tolls as drivers can only cross the bridge (the only toll road in Alaska) after paying the toll.

  • California. You will receive an invoice you need to pay within 21 days.

  • Colorado. You will receive a License Plate Toll statement or a GO-PASS Regular Bill.

  • Delaware. You will receive a violation notice in the mail requesting payment.

  • Florida. A toll invoice will be mailed to you.

  • Georgia. You will get a violation notice requesting payment for missed toll plus a $25 administrative fee.

  • Illinois. You should set up the state Pay By Plate service to pay a missed toll.

  • Indiana. You just proceed with the payment online step by the state as stated on the website.

  • Kansas and Kentucky – an invoice will be sent to you.

  • Louisiana – the only acceptable transponder is GeauxPass.

  • Maine – missing tolls can be mailed to the Authorities.

  • Maryland. You just need to go online and visit the ‘Pay Tolls Now’ section on DriveEZ MD.

  • Massachusetts – you can create an invoice in the mail within 7-10 business days.

  • Minnesota – a missed toll (within 5 days of trip) will cost you a $1.80 fee. First notice costs $12.50.

  • New Hampshire – you can make a payment within 7 days by visiting www.ezpass.nh and selecting Pay a Toll.

  • New Jersey – you must pay a missed toll within 48 hours to avoid a violation.

  • New York – you can pay violations online, using the voice response system, mailing a check to the address on the violation notice, as well as paying with cash at a retailer or kiosk location.

  • North Carolina – the most serious violations can even result in withholding a vehicle owner’s ability to renew the vehicle’s registration.

  • Ohio – you will receive a notice in the mail with a request to pay.

  • Oklahoma – the easiest way to pay a missed toll is to send a check or money order to the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.

  • Pennsylvania – you should immediately contact the PA Turnpike’s Customer Service Center.

  • Rhode Island – you can pay a missed toll online via the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority E-ZPass website or by mailing a check to them.

  • South Carolina – if you have missed tolls, you can pay the toll violation online, by mail, and by phone.

  • Texas – if you haven’t paid a toll, you get a violation notice in the mail with a request to pay an elevated rate.

  • Utah – when you miss a toll, you have to wait a period of up to several weeks before an invoice is generated. It typically takes up to 30 days.

  • Virginia – you should visit the Virginia Department of Transportation Customer Service Center missed toll information page and select the Dulles Toll Road. Then, follow the steps displayed to proceed with the payment.

  • Washington – if you missed a toll, you should immediately contact the Customer Service Center to arrange payment.

  • West Virginia – you will receive an unpaid toll notice. Payment should be made within 15 days.

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