West Virginia Toll Roads

America is notable for a large number of toll roads. Nowadays, in the USA toll roads are located in 35 states. Most of them are in the west and south. In 2015, the total length of toll roads was more than 5,000 miles (approximately 8,000 km). There are special E-ZPass electronic systems for paying tolls. They accept both cash and non-cash payments.

As for West Virginia, it has one large-scale toll road divided into three basic toll plazas. They are located in such settlements as Chelyan, Pax, Ghente. There is also one lateral toll road which is located on the 19 at the North Beckley exit (exit 48).

It is worth noting that the Turnpike represents the l-77 highway along its entire length. The freeway includes l-64 from Charleston, and to the south from Beckley. From Beckley, the highway runs south to Princeton. There are discount programs for motorists. Do you want to save money? Download the Uproad app. It will automatically inform you about current promotions and calculate the toll.

Fun fact: First-time hikers or those visiting West Virginia for the first time can get all the information they need at the Princeton Traveler Welcome Center. Recreation area 69 is open 24 hours a day.

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Fun facts about toll road in West Virginia

The highway was built in 1954 in order to reduce the traffic load on municipal roads. It is located in a mountainous area, hence the tilt of up to 5%. The Turnpike rises from a height of 600 pounds in the town of Charleston, and to a height of 3,400 pounds in Flat Top Mountain. There are 116 bridges located within the Turnpike, which is more than 1 bridge per mile.

Toll road prices in West Virginia

The cost of the 88-mile toll road varies. How much are toll roads in west virginia:

  • when traveling by car — a maximum of $2 at the rate of 40 cents per minute;

  • for free driving on trucks — the price reaches 12 dollars at the rate of 70 cents per minute of travel.

Loyalty members will pay less. But when driving on peak days, the price may increase.

How to pay toll in West Virginia

There are no major differences in toll fees. The same systems operate on toll roads as in other US states. Payment is accepted through the E-ZPass system. The fee can only be paid in cash and with the mentioned E-ZPass. Debit and credit cards are not accepted at the West Virginia Tollway.

Payment will take a long time. But we know how to save time - download the Uproad application, choose the type of car. The app will automatically build a fast route if you don’t need a toll road and notify you when you’re on a toll road. Also, the Uproad app automatically calculates the toll and automatically pays the toll.

Differences between WV E-ZPass and regular E-ZPass

There are no special differences. But WV E-ZPass holders pay up to $5.25 less in tolls. This can save you money if you often drive on toll roads in America.


Oct 12, 2022
Serge Lypko

Serge Lypko

BDM and tolling expert

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