Virginia Toll Roads

Many tourists note that Virginia has a developed transport infrastructure. However, an unaware person can get confused. There is a complex road interchange and you may turn the wrong way. There are both municipal and toll roads. If there is no need to hurry, you may use the usual roads. But it must be understood that even taking into account the developed infrastructure, there are still traffic jams. If you don’t hurry you may use usual roads.

To save time, Virginia locals and tourists use toll roads. Although, if you don't know the signs, toll roads and municipal roads can be got mixed up. Our Uproad application will become a reliable assistant. It informs about toll roads, calculates the toll automatically.

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Toll roads

Dulles Toll Road combined with Dulles Greenway, Dulles Access Road. The transport interchange provides a direct route to Dulles International Airport in Washington. The Dulles Toll Road has eight lanes and runs outside the access roadway. Dulles Greenway Virginia is maintained by Macquarie Atlas Roads.

How much are toll roads in virginia?

The toll road fee is $3.25 for two-axle cars and other vehicles. Travel on all other major toll roads is $1.50.

Uproad app is worth a use

Traveling for a long time!? Not sure if you are driving on a toll road? Our Uproad application will be of great help for you. The utility has a built-in Toll Alert function. It will automatically inform you when you go on a toll road.

How it works:

  • download the Android or iPhone app;

  • choose the state, car;

  • the application saves the template automatically ;

  • when traveling on a toll road, the toll is deducted automatically.

Save time and money with the Uproad mobile app.

Powhite Parkway

Also, SR 76 connects SR 288 in Chesterfield County in Virginia and l-195, SR 195 west of downtown Richmond. It includes several major toll sectionss, ramped toll roads. All toll roads are supported by contactless payment using E-Zpass.

The road widens with Jahnke Rd, serving as an extension of the l-195 Powhite Parkway. By road you can get to the central district of Chesterfield. Travel costs $0.75 for two-axle cars and 25 cents for all other vehicles.

Route 168 Chesapeake Expressway in Virginia

Passes from North Carolina NC-168, across Chesapeake and Norfolk. It ends at the Hampton Roads Bridge. The highway connects I-64 in Chesapeake and North Carolina.

The fare on average days is $3 for two-axle cars. Cash, E-Zpass are accepted. The weekend fee is $8 - cash, E-Zpass. There is a permanent discount of 75 cents. It is available to anyone on the Chesapeake Expressway.

Downtown Expressway

The highway connects the West End of Richmond and downtown Richmond. The Downtown Expressway has toll sections at the US-1, US-301, US-60 interchanges. The travel cost for two-axle cars is 70 cents. There is a charge of 35 cents when crossing the ramped roads on 2nd Street, and 30 cents on 11th Street.

Pocahontas Parkway

The road is also called SR 895, but there is also another popular name, Pocahontas 895. All road names are used. The road connects I-95, SR-150 in Chesterfield County with the I-295 interchange near Richmond Airport.

The fare:

  • owners of two-axle cars pay $4.5 - for the main area;

  • $2.6 for traveling on sections of Laburnum Avenue, Airport Drive.

Traveling on average days will be cheaper than on busy days. Our application will help you identify the toll road. This will avoid fines.

Virginia Toll Roads


Oct 12, 2022
Serge Lypko

Serge Lypko

BDM and tolling expert

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