Utah toll roads

Utah road

Utah features red-rock formations, amazing rock trails, wide canyons with clear icy water cutting through them, and the best snow in the world. The state is one of the world’s most picturesque locations and makes you feel like you have been transported to a different world. When traveling in Utah, there is only one very short toll road you may need to worry about.

How many toll roads are in Utah?

Utah only has one toll road. It is called the Adams Avenue Parkway and connects US-89 to I-84 near Washington Terrace. The Adams Avenue Parkway allows commuters to bypass the rest of US-89 through Washington Terrace to I-84. The route is half a mile long. It was opened in 2001 (after just under a year of construction) at a cost of nearly $9 million, of which the state provided $2 million. Additional funds came from taxes collected from the property owners along the parkway. It was built to connect the existing Adams Avenue to I-84. On average, around 2,000 vehicles use the Adams Avenue Parkway every day. The parkway begins at the Adams Avenue interchange on I-84 in South Weber in Davis County. There are two major junctions at the south end:

  • I-84 in South Weber

  • Toll Plaza in Washington Terrace

and one in the north end: US 89 in Washington Terrace. The toll section of the toll road starts south of Ogden Regional Medical Center and the Pleasant Valley Branch Library. Adams Avenue Parkway is defined under Weber County Ordinance, Title 31, granting the franchise to Adams Avenue Turnpike LLC for an initial term of 50 years.

When it comes to pricing, Adams Avenue Parkway had cost $1 before November 2022. Since November 1, it got a bit more costly – the short stretch of road doubled from $1 to $2 for cars. It was the first increase since the roadway opened. The main result is the maintenance cost, which has been going up. It is worth mentioning that the increase will only apply to cars and smaller vehicles. For larger vehicles, it has stayed the same.

How much is the Adams Avenue Parkway toll road?

The toll road’s rate in Utah depends on the number of axles your vehicle has. As already mentioned, a 2-axle vehicle pays a $2.00 toll to use the toll road (in each direction). Each additional axle costs $1. If pulling a trailer, it’s another $1.00 extra. Emergency vehicles must pay the standard $2 toll. The Utah toll road only accepts cash and electronic payments (an ExpressCard). The ExpressCard program has been created as a convenience and cost savings to frequent users of the parkway. As long as your account is active, any balance in it remains accessible to use. When it comes to cash payments, you can use cash for your charges on the Adams Avenue Parkway; however, not all booths may be staffed at all hours.

Keep in mind that the Adams Avenue Parkway doesn’t have a video tooling system.

Missed toll in Utah?

It is actually impossible to miss or violate the toll in Utah. To go through you must pay the relevant toll on the spot. Drivers must pay the required fees by cash. They can also use an ExpressCard before going through the toll gate. There is only one agency’s set of rules concerning paying by plate, though. There is also only one agency that manages toll collection. In the US, not every state accepts cash payments at toll plazas; however, the Utah toll road still accepts it. You can easily use cash for your toll charges. Most customers choose payments via the application, though.

Utah toll roads

Adams Avenue Parkway
Express Lanes

Apr 14, 2023


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