South Carolina Toll Roads

The broad concept of transport interchanges in the USA is impressive. But despite this, each region still has its own features. One state has more toll roads, and the other has almost none. Even with the fact that the number of toll roads is different, many travelers still confuse them with municipal roads. This applies to both experienced travelers and novice tourists. Download our Uproad app and you'll never get confused again.

As for the American state of South Carolina, the number of toll roads here is negligible. There are only two toll road sections in the state — the Southern Connector and the Cross Island Parkway. Both have a great history. The Southern Connector roadway was built to relieve the congestion of the 85 and 385 highways. However, after a while, the Southern Connector became one of the top among tourists.

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Southern Connector Toll Road

The Southern Connector is part of l-85 motorway in Greenville. It is a short way. It is used by drivers when it is necessary to travel to l-385 from the northern part of l-85.

The road has three exits between each toll section. Car owners who use the entire road pay the full toll. But transporters who need to travel only on a certain road section, do not pay the full amount. Credit cards are accepted as means of payment:

  • AMEX;

  • Visa;

  • Discover;

  • MasterCard.

Debit cards are also accepted. But payments are collected from them as credit settlements. And in this respect, debit cards with a PIN code will not be accepted.

Southern Connector connects l-185 and l-385. The toll amount includes the number of axles/vehicle weight/distance traveled. The fare for traveling on this toll road in South Carolina is $3, including $0.075 per minute of travel.

Cross Island Parkway

It is a toll road located on the Cross Island Parkway and connecting with US-278 Business Road. Along the road, it has one controlled access interchange on Marshland Drive. Two-axle drivers pay $1.25 to drive on the toll road, and $1 to travel through the Marshland Road/Spanish Wells Road interchange.

How calculations are made

On toll road sections, truck owners pay depending on the number of axles. Our Uproad application will help you calculate the toll. The utility will also inform you when you enter a toll road. This will help avoid fines for non-payment. It is very easy to use - download to Android, iPhone, specify a car. Then the application will do everything itself.

How is payment made

Toll roads like Southern Connector and Cross Island Parkway in South Carolina are equipped with electronic means of payment. For payments to be charged automatically, you need to install a Palmetto Pass label, usually called a PAL PASS. Cash payment is also accepted.

Pay-By-Plate is not supported on toll roads in South Carolina. This should be taken into account when traveling on the toll roads of South Carolina.


Oct 12, 2022
Serge Lypko

Serge Lypko

BDM and tolling expert

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