San Antonio Toll Roads

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Planning to visit the oldest city in Texas? Interested in seeing the site of a famous battle in the War for Texas Independence? San Antonio is the largest concentration of Spanish colonial architecture not only in the US, but in entire North America. The city is also designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Locals say that it is a big city with a small-town vibe. It’s the seventh largest city in the US and a hotspot for lovers of history, as well as lovers of… margaritas. If you want to eat at a 100-year restaurant, San Antonio may be something you will love.

San Antonio Toll Roads explained

San Antonio is one of the most popular and most often visited cities in Texas. When it comes to tolled facilities, the region has 25 toll roads in the entire state. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority – CTRMA, governs the toll roads situated within the state. The most important toll roads in the Texas area are:

  • North Tarrant Express on Interstate 820 and SH-183 Managed Lanes. It connects Northeast I-820 and SH-121/183 Airport Freeway between I-35. It is 13.3 miles (21.40 km) long. North Tarrant Express has two tolling segments: Segment 1 running from I-35W to the Northeast Loop / Airport Freeway and Segment 2 running from the Northeast Loop / Airport Freeway to Industrial Boulevard.

  • Katy I-10 Quickride / US 290 on Interstate 10. Between State Highway 6 and Interstate 610, there are 2 lanes in each direction. The toll road is 11.91 miles (19.17 km) long.

  • I-635 LBJ Managed Lanes on Interstate 635. It is located in the middle of Interstate 635 from Luna Road to Greenville Avenue. The toll road is 13.25 miles (21.32 km) long.

In the San Antonio area, there are the following freeways: Interstate 10 East, Interstate 10 West, Interstate 35 North, Interstate 35 South, Interstate 37, Kelly Pkwy, Loop 410, Loop 1604, SH-151 Spur 371, US 90 West, US 281 North, Wurzbach Pkwy.

Tolls at San Antonio Toll Ways

The US 281 project in San Antonio was the first in Texas that proposed to use all-electronic tolling. In such a system, tolls are collected using electronic transponder tags, also called toll tags. If a transponder tag is not detected by the sensor, the license plate of the vehicle is photographed, and the owner of the vehicle is billed by mail for the toll amount plus an extra collection fee.

Toll rates in Texas and San Antonio depend on the toll facility you go through, the type of vehicle you’re driving, the payment method you choose, and other factors. It is worth mentioning that Texas is the US state that has the highest number of toll roads in the US. In the table below, you will find toll rates for major Texas toll facilities:

Toll facility

Toll tag rate

License plate rate

Dallas North Tollway



Fort Bend Parkway



DFW Airport toll plaza



Lewisville Lake Toll Bridge



Mountain Creek Lake Bridge



How to pay San Antonio tolls

You can pay Texas tolls using valid transponder tags, cash, and video tolling. However, you should bear in mind that not every payment method is available at every toll plaza. Also, toll rates may vary depending on the payment method and other factors. Texas accepts the following transponder tags:

  • Tx-Tag (TxDOT) issued by the Texas Department of Transportation. It enables drivers to drive through the toll lanes in Texas.

  • TollTag. The North Texas Tollway Authority issues it. It enables motorists to pay tolls without stopping at toll booths.

  • EZ-TAG. The Harris County Toll Road Authority issues it. It is valid for all lanes of tolled roadways within the state.

  • PikePass (PPass) used for Oklahoma toll roads.

  • K-Tag issued by the Kansas Turnpike Authority.

  • NationalPass.

Cash is now only accepted on some bridges and toll roads. If you don’t know how to calculate the tolls you will need to pay during your trip, we recommend using an online toll calculator.

What if I don’t have a toll tag?

Even if you don’t have a toll tag, you can still pay your toll. After you cross a toll plaza without paying, you will receive a toll bill within a month. It can be paid by cash, card, or online banking. You can also visit the tolling agency to make a payment. You can reach out to any of the following: North Texas Tollway Authority, Harris County Toll Road Authority, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Kansas Turnpike Authority, and Oklahoma Turnpike Authority.

When you don’t pay a toll in Texas, it is called a toll violation or missed toll. You will get a toll invoice sent to your address. You can also verify whether you owe a toll in Texas online and pay for it. In case of missed tolls, some administrative fees may apply. Again, if you want to calculate routes, tolls, and fuel costs in San Antonio and other cities in Texas, use a handy toll calculator. It will show you the cheapest and fastest routes to your destination.

Jun 19, 2023


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