Pennsylvania Toll Roads

Expanded transportation interchange is a key feature of many American states. The roads are intricate due to the fact that almost every city in the USA has a heavy traffic load on the roads. Auxiliary highways reduce the load from the main roads and also allow you to reach certain cities faster.

Pennsylvania has one toll road. But it is the most expensive. The price of driving it is the highest in America. It will not be possible to confuse it with other roads.

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Pennsylvania Turnpike Mainline

This toll road was built back in 1940. It was the first highway with limited access. The road provides a direct link between the Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern states. It also significantly cuts travel time between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg — almost in half.

The turnpike starts in the east and goes west across the state, connecting different areas of three cities at once - Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia. In the central part, the highway crosses the Appalachians with the help of four tunnels. It goes across the Ohio state line and into New Jersey. The road crosses the Delaware River.

Along the Pennsylvania Turnpike Mainline there are key transport junctions, which allows you to transfer to other highways as conveniently as possible.

Characteristics of Pennsylvania Turnpike Mainline

The toll road is different from other toll roads in the states. The first thing to note is the high fee. But it is justified by the well-developed infrastructure of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Mainline:

  • 24-hour service centers are located along the entire length of the toll road in Pennsylvania. You can refuel, buy food, and relax using them. The New Stanton, Allentown, and Sideling Hill Service Plazas farmers’ markets are open from April to November each year;

  • charging stations for electric vehicles are located along the entire Turnpike route. They provide a power of 32 amperes with a voltage of 220 volts. They can be used immediately without prior preparation;

  • on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Mainline there is the King of Prussia Service Plaza Hotel.

The motorists enjoy driving on the Turnpike. The boring driving process is compensated by picturesque landscapes and shops.

Cost of toll road

To drive an ordinary car, you have to pay a little more than 46 dollars, it is the maximum payment for the entire period of travel. A fee of $32.95 is charged for full Main Line travel with a pass.

Pay tolls electronically with E-ZPass. Also, payment can be made by number plates, through an invoice at the post office.

Pennsylvania Toll Roads


Oct 13, 2022
Serge Lypko

Serge Lypko

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