Ohio toll roads

Ohio toll road is a highway about 241 miles long with limited access. It has service pads about every 30-50 miles. Service centers are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are easy to get to because drivers don't have to get off the highway. Each service area has a restaurant, gas station, restroom, ATM, dog-walking areas, and access to drinking water.

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Brief specifications

Name of toll road

Ohio Turnpike


76, 80, 90

Main connections

Connecting Indiana and Pennsylvania toll roads

Type of tariff

Fixed, depends on the number of axles, type, and weight of vehicle, distance traveled

Fare (minimum)

$17.5 for a full length without a pass, $11.75 for a length with a pass (for trucks $875 and $76, respectively)

Length of toll roads

241 miles

Payment methods

E-Zpass, cash

To determine whether there are toll roads in Ohio, it is necessary to consult the data of special applications or a map on the official website.

Toll road connections

This highway does not lead directly to any major city but provides access to the four large northern metropolitan areas of the state via connecting roads. There are several major connections on the Ohio toll road map:

  • in northeast Ohio, the highway passes through the southern suburbs of Greater Cleveland and the northern edge of the Akron metropolitan area with direct access to Cleveland via I-71, I-77, and I-480;
  • nearly 23 miles east between I-Junction 80/I-76 and the Pennsylvania border are designated as part of I-76;
  • Akron is connected to Interstate I-77 and State Highway 8 to the north and I-76 to the east;
  • two interstate highways, I-271 near Cleveland and I-475 near Toledo cross the Interstate but do not connect directly;
  • in northwest Ohio, the highway passes through south Greater Toledo with direct access to Toledo via I-75 and I-280;
  • the highway is located at the west and south ends of the Mahoning Valley with direct access to Youngstown via I-80 east of the highway and I-680;
  • most of the highway (about 219 miles) is between the Indiana border and Interstate 76 (I-76) near Youngstown, designated as part of I-80;
  • about 143 miles between the Indiana border and Elyria, I-90 overlaps I-80 as part of the freeway.

In the city of St. Petersburg, Ohio toll roads cross Pennsylvania state lines and automatically become Pennsylvania's main toll highway.

Payment Features

The average cost of toll road in Ohio for two-axle vehicles with an E-ZPass is $14.25 and $21 without an E-ZPass tag. The toll calculator allows you to calculate the necessary moving fees and gasoline costs for cars, trucks, trailers, buses, SUVs, and motorcycles. It works for six classes of vehicles, from Class 1 to Class 6.

Tolls on the Ohio State Highway can be paid with E-ZPass or cash. Payment can be made in the following ways:

  • Toll alerts in Uproad app will allow you to control the amount you spend while traveling on toll roads in the state.
  • credit and bank cards;
  • E-ZPass;
  • I-Pass (Illinois system);
  • cash.

There is no video toll system (with a bill in the mail) on the Ohio Turnpike. There is a closed system at the toll booths. This allows motorists to go further only if payment is made by any of the possible methods (cash, credit card, or E-ZPass). This way, there are no violations or toll problems on this highway, which prevents you from getting a ticket.

The Ohio Highways and Infrastructure Commission administers tolls on the highway. Any questions about how to pay tolls or toll bills should be directed to them. Ohio toll road rates are also available on the official resource.


Sep 07, 2022
Serge Lypko

Serge Lypko

BDM and tolling expert

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