North Carolina Toll Roads

There are many different vehicles in America. Due to the large number of cars, traffic jams do occur on the main roads, so the transport nterchange in the USA is very tricky. Auxiliary roads go from the main highways, which reduce the load. Almost all American states have toll roads. In North Carolina there are also toll roads.

The Uproad application will automatically create the most advantageous route. Download it from AppStore, PlayMarket, and save on every travel. There is an integrated Toll Alert function that will inform you when you are close to a toll road. Choose the state, the car type - the application will automatically calculate and pay the toll.

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The North Carolina Monroe Expressway

The Monroe Highway also has a name - Toll US 74 ByPass. This roadway provides a viable alternative to traveling on the often congested US 74 that runs from Stallings to Marshville. This means you only need 20 minutes to get to Marshville. If you decide to drive on the municipal road, then the same route takes 40 minutes.

The toll road can be accessed from exit 255 on US 74 West, or exit 273 on US 74 East. The road feature is the existence of a fully electronic system. Payment is made remotely.

The North Carolina Triangle Expressway

A distinctive feature of the toll road is its triangular. shape. The expressway connects the NC 540 highway with 55 and 54 Roads in Wake and Durham counties. The connection takes place near the towns of Raleigh and Durham.

Triangular connection reduces travel time and the number of traffic jams on state roads. The toll is charged from the beginning of the 147 and 40 interchanges. The meter counts the mileage up to the exit at 54 and NC 55 Roads. Payment is made only electronically. There are no toll points along the road, so there is no need to stop - the money is debited automatically.

Toll road cost

Travel cost in North Carolina depends on many factors: for a two-axle car you will have to pay up to $3.6, for trucks - up to $14.40 per journey. Toll rates for The North Carolina Triangle Expressway; The North Carolina Monroe Expressway tolls are up to $2.66 for two-axle vehicles, and up to $10.40 for trucks.

You can pay for a road journey through NC Quick Pass, cashless or by e-mail. It is impossible to pay cash for traveling on expressways.


Oct 13, 2022
Serge Lypko

Serge Lypko

BDM and tolling expert

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