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Toll roads

If you travel a lot, it is quite likely that you end up passing through some toll booths along state highways. Therefore, it is important that you properly plan your route and figure out the toll costs for your trip. If you travel across the states, it is crucial to know how expensive toll roads are and which states don’t have toll roads at all. Here is a handy guide on the most expensive toll roads and bridges in the US so that you can start planning!

How expensive are toll roads?

Wondering which states have the most toll roads? In fact, Florida has the most toll roads of any state in the US. In total, this state has more than 719 miles of toll roads. Orange County, in central Florida, has the most at 153 miles of toll roads – there are over 16 toll plazas to collect the tolls needed out there! When it comes to fees, interstate toll roads usually cost approximately 6 cents per mile. Non-interstate tolls are a bit more expensive – they cost around 13 cents per mile. Nearly 75% of interstate tolls cost drivers an average of 13 cents per mile. The most expensive ones cost approximately 50 cents per mile and the least expensive tolls cost around 2 cents per mile.

Approximately 75% of toll roads (both interstate and non-interstate) have a fixed rate throughout the day. 18% of them vary based on a set schedule. Finally, 7% of toll roads vary based on current traffic conditions.

The most expensive toll roads in the US

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is the most expensive toll road in the US. It is 360 miles long and, if you are driving a truck, it can cost you over $200 in tolls, depending on the entry and exit point. If you drive a passenger car, it will be a bit cheaper but still, it’s the most expensive toll road. Below you will find the top 5 most expensive toll roads in the US:

  1. The Pennsylvania Turnpike – $112.91.

  2. Whiteface Mountain Memorial Highway in New York $28.05.

  3. Ronald Reagan Turnpike – $26.45.

  4. James W. Shocknessy Ohio Turnpike – $20.50.

  5. Fort Bend Parkway in Texas – $0.51 per mile

On the other hand, these are the top 5 cheapest toll roads in the US:

  1. Boulevard Bridge in Virginia – 35 cents.

  2. Goldenrod Road Extension in Florida – 50 cents.

  3. Memorial Bridge in West Virginia – 50 cents.

  4. Virginia state Route 195 – 70 cents.

  5. Newell Toll Bridge in West Virginia – 75 cents.

The most expensive bridge toll in the US

Bridges, as well as tunnels, are often the most expensive toll roads for passenger vehicles to drive. So, if you are planning a long trip, finding an alternative route instead of using bridges and tunnels can save you a lot of money. The most expensive to cross in the US is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in Virginia. It is one of the largest bridge tunnels at 17.6 miles. The bridge connects Southeastern Virginia and the Delmarva Peninsula (which includes Delaware and the Eastern Shore counties in Maryland and Virginia). It crosses over, and then under, open water where the Chesapeake Bay intersects with the Atlantic Ocean. The round-trip costs $30 (for two-axle vehicles and motorcycles) or $36 when you cross the bridge during peak hours.

Below you will find other expensive bridge toll roads in the US:

  1. Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York – $15 one-way. Its central span is 4,260 feet. The bridge ends and begins at two historic forts, Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn, and Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island.

  2. George Washington Bridge in New York: $13.75 one-way. It connects Manhattan on the east to New Jersey’s palisades on the west.

  3. Golden Gate Bridge in California: $8.60 one-way. It connects California’s Marin County with San Francisco.

  4. Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington: $6.25 one-way.

When it comes to tunnels, here are the most expensive ones:

  1. Lincoln and Holland Tunnel in New York: $13 one-way.

  2. Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel in Alaska: $12 one-way.

  3. Fort McHenry Tunnel in Maryland – $8 round trip.

  4. Hugh L. Carey Tunnel in New York – $7.50 one-way.

  5. Queens-Midtown Tunnel in New York: $7.50 one-way.

States without toll roads

It may seem like it but not every state has toll roads. Also, some states may only have one stretch or highway, road, or tunnel that has a toll. One example is Alaska that only has a single toll tunnel – the Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel.

The following American states don’t currently have any toll roads:

  • Arizona.

  • Arkansas.

  • Connecticut.

  • Hawaii.

  • Idaho.

  • Iowa.

  • Mississippi.

  • Missouri.

  • Montana.

  • Nebraska.

  • Nevada.

  • New Mexico.

  • North Dakota.

  • Oregon.

  • South Dakota.

  • Tennessee.

  • Wisconsin.

  • Wyoming.

If you are going to be traveling during the holiday, make sure you have some extra cash in your car to afford all the random tolls you will experience. Or you can always choose to travel across the states listed above to save some money.

Some handy tips on traveling across US toll roads

To sum up, we have prepared a short guide on using toll roads in the US. Here is the most important information you should keep in mind:

  1. There are different categories of vehicles considered in tolls. Vehicles with only two axles (cars, small pick-up trucks, SUVs, vans) pay a lower toll than 180-wheel transfer trucks.

  2. You pay tolls at toll booths. In most cases, toll booths have several stations through which cars can pass to pay their tolls. Therefore, they can prevent major traffic jams.

  3. Some toll highways provide booth-less tolling. How does it work? It registers your plates and sends you a bill by mail. If you travel frequently, you should consider buying a transponder.

  4. While traveling, do not miss out on the most spectacular toll roads across the US. The most breathtaking are: 17 Mile Drive through Pebble Beach, Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, and Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana.

  5. Most toll booths accept various methods of payment. In most cases, you can pay with cash, debit/credit card, or quarters. Unfortunately, there is no chance you will be able to pay with your check.

  6. If you want to take on toll roads with confidence, start using the Uproad app. The application allows you to access and manage a range of mobility services and payment options. It makes transponders and cash payments unnecessary.

Feb 03, 2023


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