Missouri toll roads

Missouri road

If you are planning a cross-country trip in the US, Missouri is one of those places you shouldn’t miss out on. Scuba diving, boat tours, inspiring country music performances, or playing blackjack at one of the state’s riverboat casinos – there is something for everyone. There are many unique things that can make you fall in love in Missouri. When driving across Missouri, keep in mind that most of the roads are freeways, so you will not have to worry about multiple toll roads.

How many toll roads does Missouri have?

Missouri is one of the states without a rich tolling history. Most roads and bridges across rivers were changed to free facilities many years ago. Recently, two bridges that were tolled have been converted – the McKinley Bridge in Saint Louis and the bridge that connects Iowa and Missouri.

Currently, there is only one toll facility in Missouri – the Lake Ozark Community Bridge. It was opened in the 1990s. The bridge is built across the Lake of the Ozarks. It links the East Side to the West Side (St. Louis Side to Kansas City Side). It has a gated booth that only accepts cash. Crossing the bridge without paying is impossible. The total length of the Lake Ozark Community Bridge is 821 m, and the width is 22 m. When it comes to toll highways, Missouri has never had them.

An interesting fact about tolling in Missouri: bridge tolls were suspended in March 2020. It was a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For approximately three months, the bridge was completely free to use. It ended in May 2020, though. Since then, the Lake Ozark Community Bridge has been a toll facility again.

Bridge tolls are mandated for all crossing vehicles. They vary based on the season. The bridge now serves as a key traffic artery for both local traffic and tourism. It enables daily access to both sides of the lake and has helped to develop a well-functioning recreational and business environment by bridging West and East. The bridge is owned and operated by the Lake of the Ozarks Community Bridge Transportation Development District.

Why aren’t there more toll roads in Missouri?

There was an idea to place tolls on Interstate 70 in Missouri. However, if that had happened, many Missourians would have paid two taxes for a single road. This is because they pay the federal gas tax at the pump and then, they would also pay a toll tax on the road. This was considered to be unfair to anyone using Interstate 70. In consequence, nothing changed and the answer for placing tolls on existing interstates in Missouri is still no – Missouri voters rejected toll roads at all ballot boxes.

How to pay tolls in Missouri?

The amount you need to pay to drive the Lake Ozark Community Bridge varies, depending on the type of vehicle (passenger car, van, pickup, or motorcycle vs truck and bus), and the time of the year. In-season means between May and October, whereas out of the season – November through April. The costs are higher during the summer season and lower during the winter season. For a 2-axle passenger car, you will pay $3.00 (in season), and for a truck or bus – $5.00.

Below you will find the complete guide on tolls in Missouri:


In season

Out of season







2-axle or 3-axle truck or bus



4-axle truck



5-axle truck



>5-axle truck



Don’t forget that you can only pay in cash to use the bridge. Credit or debit cards are not accepted over the phone or at the booth and the state officials confirm that implementing an auto-collection system would not be cost-effective in the case of the Lake Ozark Community Bridge. There is no tag transponder toll payment option either (the option is available in nearby states: Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Illinois, though).

You cannot cross without paying. Construction of the bridge has been funded by bridge tolls. If you want to calculate the total cost of your travel while you’re driving over the US, you can use one of the online toll calculators for various states. They can help you calculate tolls and gas expenses. The calculator works for cars, tracks, and buses, as well as motorcycles and trailers.

What about missed tolls in Missouri?

If you want to go through the Lake Ozark Community Bridge, you must pay a toll on the spot to access it. Therefore, it is impossible to miss the toll and cause a toll violation as you cannot cross the bridge without paying the toll. If you have any questions about your toll bill or payments, the best option is to directly contact Lake of the Ozarks Community Bridge Corporation – a company that manages tolls for the Lake of Ozarks Bridge.

Missouri toll roads

Lake of the Ozarks Community Bridge

Apr 14, 2023


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