Michigan Toll Roads

A traveler arriving in the USA may be surprised by the large number of roads. After all, there are many municipal and toll roads in America. And there’s more. Gradually traveling through the beauties of Michigan, the tourist has another problem - toll bridges. There is quite a number of them, as in any other US state.

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Michigan has an important feature — the nonexistence of toll roads. Toll bridges are presented instead.

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Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge

It connects the big cities of Sioux Sainte Marie in Michigan and Sioux Sainte Marie in Ontario. It is worth noting that these are two twin cities. Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge is the northern terminus of the l-75 motorway.

Mackinac Bridge

The bridge crosses the Mackinac Strait of the same name. Further, it connects the local town of St. Ignace in the northern part with the village of Mackinaw City in the southern part. The locals call it Big Mac or Mighty Mac. The bridge is part of the l-75 toll road and Lakes Michigan and Huron.

Toll bridge Grosse Ile and Ambassador Bridge

It crosses the Detroit River, which connects the village of Grosse-Île with the mainland in Riverview. Is a swing bridge that spans 0.2 miles across the Detroit River. Grosse Ile provides a vital transport link for the residents of Grosse Ile, and in addition reduces travel time.

The Ambassador Bridge connects Detroit with Windsor, Ontario. A noteworthy detail is that this is the busiest international border crossing in North America. Hundreds of commercial vehicles pass through it every day.

The Blue Water Bridge

Reaching more than 1.1 miles, it crosses the St. Clair River, which connects Port Huron in Michigan with Point Edward in Ontario. The Blue Water Bridge connects toll 402 highway in Ontario with l-69 and l-94 highways.

The Blue Water Bridge connects the cities of Sarnia in Ontario and Port Huron in Michigan. The bridge connects 69 and 64 highways with 402 Canadian Highway. Due to this, the bridge offers a faster and more convenient connection between interstate transport corridors.

How to pay road tolls?

Considering the fact that there are no toll roads in Michigan, you will have to pay for crossing bridges. Price setting is progressive — it depends on the vehicle:

  • when crossing the Sioux Sainte Marie international bridge - 3.5 dollars;

  • for driving on the Mackinaw Bridge - $4;

  • crossing the Grosse-Île bridge - $2 with a pass, $2.50 - without a pass;

  • a ride on The Blue Water Bridge will cost $3 in both directions;

  • crossing the Ambassador Bridge - $6 in cash and using a NEXUS tag.

Michigan Toll Roads


Oct 12, 2022
Serge Lypko

Serge Lypko

BDM and tolling expert

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