Massachusetts Toll Roads

An inexperienced traveler, tourist, or simply an inattentive local can easily confuse road interchanges in the United States. For example, instead of a free road, you will get on a toll road, or vice versa — when you need to travel fast, you will turn to a free road.

Our Uproad application will solve the problem in a timely manner — it informs about toll roads, calculates the toll automatically.

The Massachusetts Turnpike is the main motorway. It is an interstate highway. It is also called l-90. It connects three large cities of the region:

  • Boston;

  • Worcester;

  • Springfield.

The motorway in Massachusetts starts from the east and goes west. The Massachusetts Turnpike is an excellent solution to get to one of the big cities in a short time. The toll road offers much faster and smoother traveling to any destination. It also has connections with Logan International Airport.

Payment for traveling on a toll road in Massachusetts is charged using E-ZPass technology, E-ZPass MA. Drivers also have preferential travel conditions and toll discounts. They are provided to Fast Lane Carpool drivers. The road fares are from $7. Within peak-activity hours car owners pay $10.

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l-91 motorway

It passes through Massachusetts for a length of 90 kilometers. This is one of the main highways that connects such large cities as Springfield, Northampton, Greenfield. In Springfield, it crosses the l-291 secondary highway connecting l-91 and l-90.

l-84 and l-93 motorways

l-84 in Massachusetts runs for eight miles. In Sturbridge, at the crossing of l-90, the eastern terminus of the motorway is located. The l-93 motorway is an interstate highway. It begins at the 12 interchange of the 95 highway. Then, l-95 goes northwest, l-93 moves towards the southwest, across the southern regions of Boston.

South of Boston downtown, l-93 meets l-90. Next, the 93 road crosses the Charles River underground. After crossing 93, the highway stretches to the north, and again meets 95. In the northern part, it already crosses l-495.

How to pay tolls in Massachusetts

Payment for traveling on toll roads is charged by non-cash payment. To do this, it is enough to use the E-ZPass MA system. Don't worry about the toll. Download our Uproad app on Android or iPhone. Choose the car type in the application, and the payment will be automatically deducted when you get to the toll road. Uproad will also inform you about the road in advance.

Payment of the missed toll

Tolls are an important part. You can't forget about it, as there can be a significant fine later. It happens that a driver travels on a toll road, but does not even suspect that it is a toll road. It may result in a lot of tolls that must be paid on time within a certain period.

The deferred invoice is sent to e-mail. You may pay online, by postal check, or by bank transfer.

Total toll cost

The toll amount depends on the car. For two-axle vehicles, the cost starts at $7.50 on average days and over $12 on busy days.


Oct 12, 2022
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