Maryland Toll Roads

Tourists often face traffic problems. The fact is that ornate transport junctions always confuse travelers. It is especially difficult for tourists in the USA. Many toll roads have been built in America to relieve the burden of the main transport highways, and sometimes you can get confused. The Uproad application will help you deal with the roads.

The app notifies you in advance about toll roads. It builds a fast and economical route. How to use it: download the app from Play Market or AppStore, and specify the car. When driving a toll road, the application will calculate the toll and pay for it.

The number of toll roads varies by state. For example, somewhere they are absent, and in another state there are a lot of them. In Maryland there are also toll roads. All roads are controlled by the Maryland Transportation Authority.

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John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway Express

The l-95 Express ETL is the second toll road that has a fully electronic toll collection system in Maryland. It is designed to relieve congested sections of I-95 in Baltimore.

Express toll lanes open free traffic from I-895 north of White Marsh (MD 43 transport line) in northeast Baltimore. The transport junction of the state significantly relieves the load on the main highways, and makes movement during peak hours faster and more reliable.

There are two northbound ETLs on l-95. There are two systems in the south direction. For those who pay tolls using the video tolling system, the invoice will be sent to e-mail.

l-895 and l-50 Chesapeake Bay Bridge

The toll road passes through the Harbor Tunnel, it connects with route l-95. In East Brooklyn, it forks at Brooklyn Park to Arundel Gardens, where it joins l-895B. There is another fork in the direction of Arundel Hills and Willow, where it connects with the l-695 highway.

l-50 passes over the William Preston Lane jr bridge. Memorial Brg, connecting two parts: Amberly and Bay City. The highway also intersects with the l-301 road.

Several other toll roads in Maryland:

  • l-95 Fort McHenry Tunnel;

  • l-695 Francis Scott Key Bridge;

  • l-301 Harry W Nice Bridge;

  • l-200 Intercounty Connector MD 200;

  • l-40 Thomas J Hatem Memorial Bridge.

Are you afraid to get confused? Download our app. It will automatically calculate the cost of tolls, and build the most optimal route to the destination.

How to pay the toll fee

The fee is formed taking into account the time of day, and the number of axles of the vehicle on which the E-ZPass transponder is installed. There are discount programs. They are available to owners of two-wheeled vehicles coming from suburban Maryland.

Electronic systems are installed on toll roads in Maryland. There are several ways to pay the road toll. The first is a transponder for the E-ZPass electronic complex. The second is through video tolling.

Maryland Toll Roads


Oct 12, 2022
Serge Lypko

Serge Lypko

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