Kentucky Toll Roads

Do you often travel? Then take into account the fact that in large countries, for example, in the USA, the transport interchange is extremely difficult. By far not every local resident understands it, and even more tourists.

But in the case of America, a complicated transport system is a necessity. Some roads are designed to reduce the load. Others provide access to hard-to-reach regions. In Kentucky there are toll roads allowing drivers to save time on traveling.

To save money, download Uproad. The application will tell you where the toll road is with the Toll Alert function, and will build a route. Download the application from AppStore, PlayMarket, specify the car type. The utility will automatically calculate the fee and make the payment.

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The RiverLink

A toll road connects Kentucky with Indiana across the Ohio River. The John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge (Hwy 65 South), the upgraded Abraham Lincoln Bridge (Hwy 65 North), and the Lewis and Clark Bridge have been adjusted for heavy traffic. They are all paid. The latter connects the Gene Snyder Expressway in Kentucky with the 256 municipal road in Indiana County.

The George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge and the Sherman Minton Bridge are free. But you have to understand that traffic on free roads is usually congested, and traffic jams during traveling cannot be avoided.

Travel rates in Kentucky

Most US states use a progressive toll scale. In Kentucky, the toll system is as follows:

  • when traveling on the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge - $2.1 with a prepaid account and tag. If there are none, then you will have to pay $ 3.16, the maximum amount of $ 4.2 is paid by those who have Pay By Mail;

  • a ride on the Abraham Lincoln Bridge will cost $3.16 for those with a tag, $4.2 for those without a tag and with an unregistered Pay By Mail plate.

The Lewis & Clark Bridge (connecting Gene Snyder in Kentucky to 265) requires a $2.1 toll with a prepaid account and tag. The $3.16 toll is paid by drivers with an account but no tag. And the maximum amount of 4.20 is paid by cars owners with an unregistered Pay By Mail plate.

Additional rules

If there is luggage on the roof and the height exceeds 7.5 pounds, then the toll is charged as for an average car. Fee is $5.26 with prepaid account and tag. If there is no tag, but there is a prepaid account - $6.3. For Pay By Mail, the maximum amount is $7.36.

A high rate may be charged for traveling, if the weight or height of the cargo is high. Trailer traction is also included in the calculation. Owners of such vehicles cannot take advantage of discount offers.

How is payment made?

The toll road in Kentucky is charged using electronic payments. Payment points are not equipped with cash registers. Payment is made electronically through:

  • RiverLink Pass;

  • E-ZPass

The Uproad application calculates the toll automatically. You don't need a calculator - just download the app.


Oct 13, 2022
Serge Lypko

Serge Lypko

BDM and tolling expert

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