Kansas Toll Roads

The Kansas Highway is the only toll road in the state, running in all directions from the border with Oklahoma. In all, the section is 236 miles long. The Kansas Turnpike was completed in nearly two years and the road was opened in 1956. It came into existence earlier than the interstate highway system, and all revenue comes from road tolls collected, with no additional tax deductions for its maintenance or management.

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Brief features of the toll road


Kansas Turnpike

Interstate highways

35, 335, 470, 70

Major Connections

Chicago Skyway with Ohio Turnpike

Travel through state cities

Wichita, Topeka, Lawrence

Toll Rate Type

Fixed, depends on axle and distance traveled

Toll road cost (per full length) for cars and trucks

$12 and $77.50, respectively

Length of Toll Road

236 miles

Payment methods

KTAG, cash

Project Concept

Kansas toll roads were built before the interstate highway system was created. The Kansas Turnpike has some differences:

  • the 55 miles from Topeka to Kansas City were built of Portland cement concrete;
  • the highway was originally built with lanes only 12 feet wide;
  • the highway was without a dividing strip; barriers were not installed along its entire length until 1985;
  • most of it, from the Oklahoma border to Topeka, was constructed of four inches of asphalt;
  • curves along the highway are limited to 3°, and gradients are 3%.
  • when built, the Kansas toll road was designed for an axle load of 18,000 pounds.

The 300-foot-long right-of-way was fenced around the edges to prevent cattle from entering the roadway and to prevent toll evasion on the Kansas toll road.

Ways to pay the fee in Kansas

Fares depend on the length of the trip and the number of axles (class) of the vehicle. There are three toll rates used for travel on the Kansas Highway:

  1. Traveling on Kansas toll roads will be even easier, more affordable, and more profitable if you use Uproad toll app. It allows you to automate your payments and avoid late fees. All you need to do is install the app, create your own account, and then choose how you want to fund your account.
    The calculator allows you to pre-calculate the cost of travel and recharge for the required amount. The Toll Alert feature will allow you to control the amount you spend while traveling on toll roads in the state. Using Uproad will help you plan your trip and pay the toll at the best rates.
  2. Tolling in cash. Car owners who pay at a toll booth can reimburse this rate in cash or by credit card.
  3. K-TAG electronic toll rate. Owners who use a K-TAG or other compatible transponder pay the electronic toll rate. This is currently the lowest fare.
  4. Video tolls. If the driver fails to pay cash within 10 days of the trip, the toll is assessed as a video charge with a statement in the mail. If over 28 days overdue, an additional fine will be assessed with a rate increase.

If a driver intentionally or accidentally exits the Kansas Turnpike using an electronic lane without a compatible transponder, the missed toll is considered a violation under Kansas law and will be charged for the violation. The rate is a flat fee based on the number of axles on the vehicle. Therefore, it is best to find out in advance if there are toll roads in Kansas.

How do I pay for a missed fare in Kansas?

If a driver drives off in an electronic lane without a valid compatible transponder, it is considered a missed toll, which is a violation of the law depending on the class of vehicle. You can pay missed tolls online at your convenience in just a few minutes.

Who runs the road tolls in Kansas?

There are toll roads in Kansas, but, in fact, there is only one. Tolling on Kansas highways is managed by several agencies:

  • K-Tag;
  • TxTag;
  • PikePass;
  • EZ TAG;
  • Management of the Kansas Highway.

For any questions about how to pay tolls or the toll bill, you can contact one of the agencies listed. A map of Kansas City's toll roads is available on special service websites and allows you to correctly plot your route without any problems.


Sep 07, 2022
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Serge Lypko

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