Indiana Toll Roads

Indiana has one major toll road, I-90 Indiana East-West Road, which connects Chicago to the Ohio State Highway. Not far from the toll road is the town of Culver, sometimes called Cape Cod Midwest. When driving from the west, it passes near Lake Michigan and the Indiana Dunes, near Chesterton and Michigan City, the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, and the Amish community of Nappanee, Middlebury, and Shipshewana. The Indiana toll road provides constant and comfortable access to the northern parts of the region.

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Major toll roads in Indiana

We can distinguish two main directions, for which tolls are required:

  1. Indiana toll road. As mentioned above, this is the only multi-lane, non-stop route, making it the fastest way to cross the state from east to west and vice versa. Tolls range from $3.50 to $13.50 depending on where one enters the toll road.
  2. Cline Avenue Bridge. The only toll bridge in the state of Indiana. Located on the east side of Chicago. This bridge crosses the Indiana Harbor and shipping channel. It is located in an industrial area. Indiana toll road rates across the bridge will be $2.50 with an E-Zpass/I-Pass or $5.50 for pay by the number.

Registering an E-Zpass account will not only make it easier to pay for toll roads, it will also significantly reduce the cost of travel. In Indiana, transponders are used at all toll road entrances.

Brief characteristics of toll roads in Indiana

Name of toll roads

I-90 Indiana East-West Road, Cline Ave Bridge


Interstate 90 and Interstate 80

Basic connections

Chicago Skyway with the Ohio Turnpike

Driving through cities in the state

Hammond, East Chicago, Gary, Lake Station, Portage, South Bend, Mishawaka, Elkhart

Type of rate

Fixed, depending on the number of axles, type, and weight of the vehicle, distance traveled

Minimum and maximum Indiana toll road cost (per full length)

$3.5 and $13.5, respectively

Length of toll roads

157 miles

Payment methods

E-Zpass, cash

Trucks pay a toll road toll in Indiana, with the amount depending on the number of axles and weight. You can calculate Indiana toll road rates in advance with an online toll calculator.

Benefits of using Indiana toll roads include the following:

  • multilane for comfortable driving in one direction without traffic jams;
  • well-developed infrastructure, including gas stations, stores, recreational facilities, and more;
  • increase in the allowable maximum speed, as the track runs away from populated areas and is well fenced;
  • high quality of the road surface.

Another advantage is the level of safety. Indiana toll roads are equipped with special bumpers on each of the lines, which greatly reduces the risk of accidents and even more dangerous overtaking.

Ways to pay Indiana tolls

Uproad app is an easy and reliable way to quickly pay tolls on Indiana toll roads. Every driver can create their own account with easy access at any time. All rates are as transparent as possible and listed by vehicle type.
The "Toll Alert" feature will allow you to monitor costs and compare data to your current fare. There are several payment options, so you can quickly and easily top up your account to maintain a positive balance. Uproad saves you time and allows you to travel at advantageous fares thanks to online payment.

Management of state toll roads

Indiana toll roads, as well as bridges, are managed by tolling agencies that are also responsible for proper operation, repairs, reconstruction, infrastructure, and more. These include:

  • Indiana toll road concession company;
  • E-ZPass Group;
  • E-ZPass Indiana.

To understand who owns the Indiana toll road, you can use the information on the official website. For any questions about how to pay tolls or the bill, or for a number of other toll-related questions, you should contact one of the agencies by sending an e-mail request or by contacting the official phone numbers.

Features of the Cline Ave Toll Bridge

The Cline Avenue Toll Bridge is located in East Chicago, Indiana. It crosses the Indiana Harbor and the navigable canal connecting the Grand Calumet River to Lake Michigan. The 1.7-mile-long bridge begins west of Riley Road and extends to its abutment east of Dickey Road.

The bridge is part of SR 912 and connects to a section of Interstate 80/94, also known as the Borman Expressway. This section of the toll roads in Indiana map takes on 50 percent of all truck traffic in the country each day and carries more than 10,000 vehicles each day.

The bridge was closed and decommissioned in 2009 due to corrosion after 26 years of daily service to vehicles, freight, and tourists in the Lake Michigan area. Demolition of the closed bridge was completed by the Indiana Department of Transportation on January 8, 2013.

In 2012, they signed an agreement with Cline Avenue Bridge LLC to build a new bridge. The project included the following features:

  • recovery from the west end of the Cline Avenue Bridge SR 912 east of Calumet Avenue in Hammond, Indiana;
  • Cline Avenue Bridge connection to Ameristar, Joerse Park, and Pastrick Marina;
  • coverage of the nearby SR 912 road in East Chicago;
  • 12-foot lanes with 9-foot shoulders;
  • preservation of the old concrete piers of entrances and exits to the bridge;
  • total length 6,236 feet with 685 supporting beams and 29 monolithic columns.

In the spring of 2020, the construction of the Cline Avenue Bridge was almost complete. But due to management disagreements, the project was never fully completed. For this reason, the partnership was broken, and the company was sued by the bridge owners for $105 million. Today, the bridge is not fully used, as many of the exits and entrances remain unopened.

How do you plan a trip?

To understand how much is the Indiana toll road, and to explore the available routes, it is best to use special services. Selecting a particular road will provide a detailed map, as well as a list of exits, toll booths, any available hiking or recreation areas, and other places or attractions along the roadway.

You can also find out does Indiana have toll roads or another state, as well as the exact cost of the toll to top up your personal E-ZPass account or to prepare cash.

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