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When you travel, approaching toll booths and paying tolls usually means extra time and inconvenience. However, more and more toll facilities in the US offer cashless tolling options. One of them is E-ZPass, a combination of a user account and a tag transponder that simplifies road trips and offers you to travel the roads better and without interruptions for payment. In this article, we will explain what E-ZPass actually is, where you can use it, and how to get E-ZPass and finally make your trips easier and more convenient.

What is E-ZPass? How does E-ZPass work?

The first project of E-ZPass was presented in 1987. The main goal was to unite several states’ toll collection systems into one. E-ZPass is a multi-state electronic pass – a method of paying road, bridge, and tunnel tolls easier and more efficiently. It eliminates the need to stop at toll booths to pay tolls while traveling. It’s a small electronic transponder tag that can be used in 17 states. The transponder tag is mounted on the vehicle’s windshield and connected to the account you charge when you travel. You don’t need to get and track a ticket and you don’t need to waste time stopping to pay the amount due. Finally, the E-ZPass eliminates the hassle of finding the correct amount of money due. When your vehicle enters the toll lane, the transponder tag is read by the antennae. Proper tolls are deducted automatically from the linked account.

Very often, the E-ZPass provides users with discounts on toll rates. It depends on the state that has issued the pass. On top of that, E-ZPass transponder tags work to provide traffic data so that the traffic reports can be more accurate. Transponder tags inform traffic reporters of congestion on roads, travel time, slowdowns, etc.

How to get an E-ZPass?

Each state that participates in the E-ZPass tolling system has its own service center. You can choose between a personal or commercial account. You can either get an E-ZPass by visiting the service center, printing out the form, and applying by mail, or just visiting the website and applying via an online form. You should receive your transponder tag within a few days (up to a week, usually) after submitting the form.

Finally, it’s possible to buy an E-ZPass transponder tag from a retailer near you. Some merchants like AAA, Walmart, and area supermarkets sell them, making it possible for you to get out on the road in no time. To set up your E-ZPass account, you need a USA-registered vehicle license plate number. When you have your transponder tag, make sure you mount it properly!

Where to get E-ZPass?

Places, where you can purchase your E-ZPass transponder tag online, are listed below. If you want to get the transponder tag online, you should choose the corresponding E-ZPass Customer Service Center and purchase a tag / sign up for an account on their website. Depending on where you live and travel, you can choose from the following:

  • E-ZPass Delaware.

  • E-ZPass Maine.

  • E-ZPass Maryland.

  • E-ZPass Massachusetts.

  • E-ZPass New Hampshire.

  • E-ZPass New Jersey.

  • E-ZPass New York.

  • E-ZPass Ohio.

  • E-ZPass Pennsylvania.

  • E-ZPass Rhode Island.

  • E-ZPass Virginia.

  • E-ZPass West Virginia.

  • I-PASS.

  • North Carolina QuickPass.

  • Indiana Toll Road.

  • RiverLink – Kentucky / Indiana.

  • Central Florida Expressway Authority.

Where is E-ZPass accepted? What states does E-ZPass work in?

There are states that don’t participate with E-ZPass such as South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida (E-ZPass works only in the Orlando region). E-ZPass transponders will not work in those states.

You can use E-ZPass in states from Florida (Orlando) up to Maine and west to Illinois. Once you get your transponder tag, you should mount it to the windshield of your vehicle. Then, when you pass through an E-ZPass labeled toll center, the reader will detect and process your toll due and send you on your way. The toll amount will be automatically deducted from your E-ZPass account.

The following states accept E-ZPass for toll payment:

  • Delaware.

  • Indiana.

  • Maine.

  • New Hampshire.

  • Ohio.

  • Virginia.

  • Florida (only in the Orlando region).

  • Kentucky.

  • Maryland.

  • New Jersey.

  • Pennsylvania.

  • West Virginia.

You can also use E-ZPass on Canada’s Peace Bridge, Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, Whirlpool Rapids Bridge, and Rainbow Bridge. E-ZPass is fully compatible with some other passes such as NC Quick Pass, SunPass, I-PASS in Illinois, as well as RiverLink in Kentucky.

How much is E-ZPass?

E-ZPass can be used by privately owned vehicles with a gross weight of less than 7,000 lbs. Note that E-ZPass transponder tags are not for motorhomes, motorcycles, and vehicles that weigh more than 7,000 lbs, or for commercial use.

Getting an E-ZPass transponder costs you nothing. Some states such as Illinois only require drivers to pay a refundable deposit of $10. However, you should remember to maintain an initial prepaid balance in your account of approximately $20-$35. Once the balance goes below a certain amount, it should be replenished from your card (you can set automatic replenishment).

There are also discounts on tolls for E-ZPass users. They depend on the state the pass was issued by and the toll facility or toll lane the driver uses. In general, using E-ZPass is always the cheapest option when you compare it with paying by cash or by mail.

Aug 09, 2023


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