Do motorcycles pay tolls?

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Motorcycles are quite a popular choice for transportation in the US, especially in cities. On highways, cruising on your motorcycle may be a great time. However, what happens when you come across a toll? Do you have to pay for it or just drive it for free? Usually, you need to pay tolls but, in some situations, or locations, this isn’t the case. In some states, you can pay using a transponder tag. In others, there are different forms of prepayment. Continue reading to learn anything that can help you save money and have a smoother ride experience.

Do motorcycles pay tolls?

In most states, motorcycle tolls are required. Usually, you need to stop at a toll booth and pay cash as using toll tags or transponders in a motorcycle may be impossible. The amount you pay depends on the type of toll system and the specific toll facility. Very often, you pay a flat fee at open toll plazas, whereas closed and open road tolls use a variable pricing system based on the distance you travel. Some states don’t have tolls at all. Those are Michigan, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Wisconsin, and Tennessee.

How much is the toll for motorcycles?

When you ride a motorcycle, you can usually expect to pay slightly less than car drivers do. This is mostly because there are various additional fees and surcharges that are added on for larger vehicles. Usually, motorcycles pay a similar (or the same) toll as cars and all other 2-axle vehicles. Motorcyclists can pay using a FasTrak transponder mounted to the motorcycle’s windscreen. Tags can also be kept in a secure location (like a pouch).

Do motorcycles pay tolls in Florida?

Motorcycles in Florida have to pay the same tolls as other 2-axle vehicles. There are some exceptions, though. For example, tolls aren’t charged on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Also, motorcyclists don’t have to stop to weigh stations along state highways. Some state toll roads offer discounts for riders. You can save 50% on the 91 Express Lanes in Orange County. If you want to cross the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on your motorcycle, you will get a $0.50 discount (the discount doesn’t apply during peak travel times). In Florida, motorcyclists can save time using carpool lanes, no matter how many people are riding on the motorcycle.

Do motorcycles pay tolls in California?

It works similarly to Florida’s rules. Motorcycles pay the same toll as other vehicles. Motorcyclists aren’t charged on the Golden Gate Bridge, though. Also, they don’t have to stop to weigh stations along the state highways. Finally, in some cases, riders can benefit from discounts during some hours of trips. They can use the lanes and carpool lanes the same as riders in Florida.

Do motorcycles pay tolls in Texas?

In Texas, a motorcyclist will pay the same toll as any 2-axle vehicle. Information on prices that is more specific can be found on the Texas Department of Transportation website. If you want to visit Texas on your motorcycle, make sure you have a valid driver’s license and insurance. Texas law is pretty strict and very often, speed limits in this state are lower for motorcycles than for other vehicles. Therefore, make sure you watch your speed while riding! To pay tolls, you have to stop at the toll booth, no matter if it is manned or automated. If a toll booth is manned, you can pay by cash (bear in mind that you need an exact amount of money as you will not get the change) or use your credit card. If you are passing an automated booth, you have to use a TxTag or EZ-Pass.

EZ-Pass for motorcycle, EZ tag for motorcycle – do you need a special toll tag while riding a motorcycle?

You don’t have to have any special toll tag to pay tolls while riding a motorcycle. You can easily use any valid toll tag or transponder offered by the state you live in. The best option is to mount a toll tag or transponder on the windshield of your motorcycle (the transponder tag comes with tape for you to mount it on the windshield), but you can also keep it safe in your pocket or pouch. Most motorists choose to keep a tag somewhere safe because the tag can be easily stolen while a motorcycle is parked. Also, some motorcycles don’t even have a windshield to put a tag on. Sticking a tag on e.g., your chest pocket is not the best option, too. First, you have to expose the tag enough so that the sensor can read it effectively. Secondly, you must remember to have the tag with you all the time you’re riding your motorcycle on toll roads. If you don’t expose the tag while crossing a toll booth, it may cause a substantial fine on you.

Unfortunately, most highway toll facilities aren’t very motorcyclist-friendly. You must stop at a toll booth and pay in cash which is inconvenient and takes time, or get a tag that isn’t actually designed for the vehicle. The second option is better for bikes, though, as you don’t have to remove gear to pay cash at a toll booth.

Note: Some states do have special transponder tags for motorcycles. One of them is Texas. With a Texas motorcycle pass, you can pay tolls quickly and easily without stopping at toll booths.


May 23, 2023


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