Dallas Toll Roads

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Your guide to navigating the toll roads of Dallas, Texas

Dallas. One of the wildest and most happening cities in the US. Aside
from its raging sports scene, frozen margaritas, and BBQs, Dallas is also known
for its obstacle-course-like roadways.

Freeways, toll roads, and too many cars can make driving in
Dallas stressful.

Here at Uproad, we are toll road experts, and we want to make
driving in Dallas as smooth for you as possible. So, let’s look at how to
navigate Dallas toll roads.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area has several major toll roads that are
operated by the North Texas Toll Authority.

Major toll roads in Dallas:

Dallas North Tollway (DNT)

The Dallas North Tollway is a 30.2-mile stretch of expressway running
from interstate 35E (near downtown Dallas) to the US Highway 380 in Frisco.

This toll road is a quick and convenient route for motorists wanting
to reach areas between downtown Dallas and cities in Colin, Denton, and
Northern Dallas.

The tollway has six lanes and passes through and near Dallas,
Highland Park, University Park, Addison, Farmers Branch, Plano, and Frisco.

Sam Rayburn Tollway (SRT)

Also known as State Highway 121, the Sam Rayburn Tollway runs
from Grapevine to McKinney. The tollway extends from near the Dallas/Denton
county line to U.S 75 in Colin County – offering accessibility to several
Metroplex destinations.

President George Bush Turnpike (PGBT)

The President George Bush Turnpike is a major east-west route in
the northern half of Dallas-Fort Worth. This 52-mile, six-lane expressway forms
a loop around the Dallas Ft Worth airport. It links commuters to corporate
headquarters and other important destinations. It also offers an alternative
route to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

DFW International Parkway

This tollway, as the name suggests, provides access from the Dallas/
Fort Worth International Airport. All vehicles traveling on the International
Parkway, including those headed to the airport, need to pay a toll.

Chisholm Trail Parkway (CTP)

After more than 50 years in the making, the Chisholm Trail
Parkway was completed and extends from downtown Fort Worth south to Cleburne.
The 27.6-mile toll road cost 1.6 billion to construct. Tolls help to reclaim this
cost. There are no toll booths on this roadway.

Mountain Creek Lake Toll Bridge

The Mountain Creek Lake Bridge (MCLB) crosses Mountain Creek
Lake, connecting the Oak Cliff area of Dallas and Grand Prairie. There is a
toll fee in both directions.

How to Pay Dallas Tolls

Now that you know where the major toll roads of Dallas are let’s look at how to pay for them.

Dallas toll roads are operated by the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA). They are all equipped for electronic toll collection – which is compatible with the Uproad app.

There are three main ways to pay for toll roads in Dallas. An app like Uproad is the most convenient way to ensure that you won’t miss a toll payment ever again.

Here’s how to pay for Dallas toll roads:

  1. Uproad:

The simplest and most convenient way to pay for Dallas tolls. All you need is your phone!

Download the Uproad App for your iPhone or Android, and you’ll be exploring the sights and sounds of Dallas in no time.

Uproad allows you to pre-load your account balance to automatically pay for tolls as you drive. With the app, you can calculate costs before you travel and track usage and expenses on the go.

But most importantly – you’ll avoid toll fines and late penalties – so you can save that $ for more frozen margaritas!

  1. Transponder

Another way to pay for Dallas tolls is with a transponder.

Toll Tag is the most widely accepted transponder in Dallas. However, it won’t work on all roads in the US. Some roads in Dallas will also accept other toll tags. However, E-ZPass is not accepted in Texas.

If you don’t already have a transponder and are heading to Dallas soon, then we would certainly recommend downloading Uproad instead. Ordering and setting up a transponder can take some time.

  1. ZipCash

ZipCash is a pay-by-mail option for those without Uproad or a toll transponder. If you miss paying a toll, a bill will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. If you’re using a rental car, the rental car company will forward the invoice on to you. They’ll likely add a service fee to this too!

ZipCash bills can be paid by mail, phone, or in person at any NTTA Customer Center. Paying through ZipCash will cost you significantly more than if you were to use Uproad, and if you fail to pay the invoice, you could face a fine of up to $500.

Frankly, driving in Dallas can be a little intimidating. But toll roads make the roadways safer and provide convenient access to the hot spots of the city.

Hopefully this guide will make driving in the crazy city of Dallas, Tx more enjoyable.

Download Uproad via the Apple Store or Google Play and get exploring the great city of Dallas worry-free

Aug 31, 2022
Serge Lypko

Serge Lypko

BDM and tolling expert

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