Avoiding Those Pesky Late Fees: How to Check Toll Violations and Dodge Big Fines

So, you’ve used a toll road without paying? Well, buckle up. We’re here to talk you through it.

If you've missed a toll payment, the most important thing you can do is to make sure you get on top of it as soon as possible to avoid further penalties.

And what’s just as important? Download the Uproad app! With Uproad, you’ll never miss another future toll payment again.

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How to check if you have a toll violation

If you use a toll road without paying, the tolling authority will send an invoice to the vehicle's registered owner. You should receive this invoice within 30 days.

Note: Remember to update your address if you move (or you risk missing these invoices and facing more fines!)

If you don’t receive an invoice, we suggest you contact the appropriate tolling authority. They will happily help you out.

Can you check violations by number plate online?

Wondering whether you can look up toll violations by number plate?

Well, yes – in some instances, you can. Firstly, however, you’ll need to know which tolling authority you owe your moolah to. The tolling authorities are the ones who enforce the payment of tolls.

Here are some of the main tolling authorities by state:

On the below websites, you can input your license plate number to see if you owe tolls to that tolling authority. On some sites, you’ll also need an invoice number (but don’t worry, we’ve indicated which ones below).

Major tolling authorities by state

Checking toll violations by state without a transponder or toll tag



  • Bay Area Fastrak - To pay a Fastrak violation online, you will need an invoice number.

New York

  • Tolls by mail NY – Toll transactions are available approx. one week from the date of travel.


  • Sunpass - You can pay for your toll before receiving a toll invoice.


What happens if I don’t pay a toll violation?

If you don’t pay a toll violation within a certain time period (usually around 90 days), the toll authorities will hand your fines over to the debt collectors… (cue dramatic music).

But really…once in the hands of the debt collectors, your toll violation of just a few dollars could spiral into the hundreds.

One Texas woman who spoke to CNN mentioned that it took her three years to pay off the more than $1000 she owed for around $25 in missed tolls. Now, that’s highway robbery!

In some cases, if you continue to fail to pay, you could even end up with a criminal misdemeanor.

So, we don’t want to scare you, but make sure you pay your tolls!

Why not avoid the hassle of unpaid tolls altogether?

The simplest solution to avoiding unnecessary road toll fines? The Uproad App

With the Uproad app, you can pay for tolls as you go, AND you’ll be alerted every time you use a toll road. Download the app from the Apple or Google Play store, fill in some account info, and hit the road with confidence.

With Uproad, there’s no need for a toll agency account, tag, or transponder, and most importantly - no more bills in the mail! Uproad’s Toll Alert feature will immediately let you know when you have driven through a toll pointl – unlike a transponder. Also - if a transponder malfunctions, you’ll have no idea until you receive a bill in the mail.

What if someone else was driving my vehicle and incurred a toll fine?

Unfortunately, even if your 80-year-old, un-toll-savvy grandma was using your car – you will be responsible for any toll violations she receives. That’s unless you can establish that your vehicle was, at the time of the violation, owned by another person.

What happens if I receive a toll violation in a rental car?

Thought you could get away with it did ya?! Well, unfortunately, no. Most rental car companies will throw any toll violations you receive right back at you.

If you drive in a rental car and use toll roads without a proper payment method, you will be charged. Each rental car company has its own policy, but often this toll will be associated with an admin fee as well.

As more toll roads are shifting to become cashless, more rental car customers are getting stung with ridiculously high toll violation fees.

To avoid unnecessary fines, you can always rent a transponder from the rental car agency – but this often comes at a cost. Avis and Budget, for example, charge around $3.95 per day for a transponder (even for days when it’s not used).

OR the better alternative (yes, you know what we are about to suggest) …

Download the Uproad app here.

Jul 13, 2022
Serge Lypko

Serge Lypko

BDM and tolling expert

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