Alabama Toll Roads

American transport interchanges may surprise not only tourists, but also the locals. The ornate system of highways often confuses drivers. In addition, apart from municipal roads, there are also toll roads, which also makes traffic a bit complicated.

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Montgomery Expressway Bridge

Toll road in Alabama connects the capital of Alabama with the cities located in the northern part. The expressway crosses the Alabama River of the same name. For information, this toll road is widely popular as it allows you to avoid the problem of traveling on l-65 easily.

The Montgomery Expressway Bridge connects to the 152 municipal highway. Traveling on the Montgomery Expressway Bridge, drivers save fuel, because the expressway significantly reduces the load on the main city highway.

Tuscaloosa ByPass

You may get from Tuscaloosa to Northport using the toll road. The road allows to avoid congested traffic on the 359 motorway. It connects the 82 highway to the 20 and 59 highways. The Tuscaloosa ByPass can be accessed from the west side of Tuscaloosa along Joe Malisham Parkway.

Emerald Mountain Expressway (Dozier RD)

There are many congested highways In Alabama. The Emerald Mountain Expressway (Dozier RD) is used to relieve the main traffic load. It unloads the 231 highway from Montgomery and in it. This expressway reduces travel time.

You may get to the Emerald Mountain Expressway (Dozier RD) from the 4 and 64 state routes .

Foley Beach Express Toll Bridge

The Foley Beach Express Toll Bridge is a great way to solve the congestion problem.

The Foley Beach Express Toll Bridge avoids the 59 and l-10 congested highways that connect Foley to Orange Beach on the Gulf of Mexico. The expressway can be reached from exit 49 on the 10 highway.

How to pay tolls in Alabama

Toll cost:

  • Montgomery Expressway Bridge — $1.50 for a two-axle vehicle, $1.75 to $2 for a three-axle vehicle. Each additional axis will cost 25 cents;

  • Tuscaloosa ByPass is $1.50 for cars, $1.50 for three-axle trucks, and $2 for 4-axles. Each subsequent axis costs 25 cents;

  • Emerald Mountain Expressway (Dozier RD) - $1.75 for cars. For three-axle cars - $2, for four-axle cars - $2.25, and for 5-axle cars - $2.50;

  • Foley Beach Express Toll Bridge - $1.75 for cars, $2 for three-axles, $2.25 for four-axles, and $2.50 for five-axles.

The Foley Beach Express Toll Bridge fee is $2.70 per passenger vehicle + $1 for each subsequent axle. Payment is made by bank transfer, in cash or by Alabama Freedom Pass.

Alabama Toll Roads


Oct 13, 2022
Serge Lypko

Serge Lypko

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