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Planning some road trips in the good old USA? Road trips have always been a favorite pastime in the US – it’s the best way to experience the vast array of breathtaking coastal views, jaw-dropping valleys, and amazing cliffs. When you add limitless desert terrains and lush forestry, you won’t find a better way to spend your holiday. We’re coming with a helping hand – here’s a list of the 10 best road trips in the USA.

Pacific Coast Highway – California

Pacific Coast Highway

California is one of the best places for road trips in the country. The iconic Pacific Coast Highway covers 655 miles of stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. It stretches from San Francisco to San Diego. The best time to hit the road is between April and October. Get prepared for the best coastal scenery in California, sunny beaches, and plenty of exciting areas to explore. Make sure you visit Los Angeles, Hearst Castle, and San Luis Obispo!

Route 66 – Chicago to California

Route 66

Another historic route in California and one of the most famous roads in the world. It would be nothing but blasphemous not to include the iconic Route 66 at the top of the list. It starts in downtown Chicago and ends at the Santa Monica pier. Route 66 covers eight states – it’s around 2,500 miles long. The best time to drive Route 66 is between May and October. Definitely, it’s the place to ‘get your kicks!’. Make sure you join a guided tour of the 400-million-year-old Meramec Caverns in Missouri during your trip.

Highway 1 to Big Sur – California

Stretching between San Francisco and Los Angeles, Highway 1 is believed to be one of the most beautiful drives in the USA. It takes approximately 8-10 hours to drive it, but the best available option is to spend nights in either Santa Barbara or Monterey. Highway 1 is a beloved route for in-the-know motorists. Be careful, it’s full of stomach drops and treacherous turns.

Going to the Sun Road – Montana

Located in Montana, the Going to the Sun Road is 80 km long. It became one of the most famous US routes due to its cameo in the Stanley Kubrick film. It takes around 2 hours to drive, depending on traffic conditions. Going to the Sun Road spans the width of Glacier National Park. It starts at the Apgar Visitor Center and goes up to Logan Pass before heading back down to the Saint Mary Visitor Center. The best time to drive is July – October.

Blue Ridge Parkway – Virginia

Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway connects the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina. It is 755 km long (469 miles) and the best time to drive it is October (during fall foliage, it is spectacularly beautiful). The route provides you with the USA’s finest scenic drives, also thanks to a ban on billboards, commercial traffic, and the absence of any commercial towns. Note that the speed limit sits at a comfortable 45 mph so make sure you watch your speed.

Route 6A – Cape Cod – Massachusetts

One of the most historic byways in the USA. Also called Old King’s Highway, Route 6A has been called one of the World’s Scenic Drives by National Geographic. It stretches nearly 60 miles (91 km) between Provincetown at the tip of the peninsula to Bourne on the Cape Cod Canal. The dune lands, charming historic villages, the old Brewster Store that has been functioning since the 1850s – what’s not to love in Route 6A?

Red Rock Country – Arizona

Red Rock Country

A 145-mile route stretching along Interstate 17. It provides drivers with endless desert terrains and skyscraper-like rock formations. Sometimes it feels like you are on another planet, mainly because of gorgeous rusty-red landscapes, starlit skies, and the rocks that get their color from the oxidized iron content. Make sure you stop and admire the National Monument ‘the Montezuma Castle’ and the Rock State Park. Red Rock Byway only takes 20 minutes to drive.

Overseas Highway – Florida

Looking for a tropical getaway? Hit the Overseas Highway stretching along US-1 and connecting the Florida Keys – Key Largo and Key West. The road consists of 42 bridges. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience as the route glides over the turquoise ocean on Seven Mile Bridge and hopes 44 islands. During this 150-mile drive, you will be amazed by the sandy island, state parks teeming with mangroves, and marina restaurants serving mouth-watering seafood.

Lincoln Highway – New York to California

Lincoln Highway was the first road for automobiles across the USA. It was officially opened in 1913. The route stretches from Times Square in New York to Lincoln Park in San Francisco. It crosses 12 states. While traveling, make sure you stop next to Cheyenne Mountain, the home of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) – a place where numerous movies and TV shows were made (e.g., Stargate SG1).

Nevada Route 50

Also called the Loneliest Road in America, Nevada Route 50 is 408 miles (657 km) long. It stretches up and down the sides of countless valleys and the scenery doesn’t seem to change at all – all the time you see miles and miles of little more than mountains, sagebrush, and blue sky compelling. The best time to drive is October – May.

Mar 15, 2023


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